Even if a logo looks simple, it was made with a lot of thought. You need a real artist to do it for you because of this. You can use logo makers, but you can’t have a branded logo style if you do.

If you want a custom logo for your Shopify store but don’t have a lot of money, you can find a freelancer who will do it for a low price.

From what we know, Fiverr is one of the best places to find these freelancers. To help you get started, I’ll tell you about seven of the best designers you can find on the freelance platform.

If Youre On A Tight Budget These Are The Best Shopify Logo Designers
If Youre On A Tight Budget These Are The Best Shopify Logo Designers


This seller has a rating of 4.9 out of 103 reviews and is a Level 2 seller. With logos, he brings your brand to life. He is an expert at making logos with few pictures and a focus on the name of your business.

Here are the things you get and how they help you:

  • Unlimited Revisions: If you don’t like the logo, you can ask for changes until he gets it right. This is great because you can’t really expect the first time you make a logo to be perfect.
  • High Resolution: You will get two copies of the file if the resolution is high. One is in JPEG format, and the other has a transparent background and is in PNG format. Both of these files are important, and because they have a high resolution, they will work well in both digital and printed forms.
  • Unique And Up-To-Date, the logos you get will fit in with what’s popular now. They don’t use old ways of making things. When making them, the artists think about how things look around the world.
  • Any File Format Will Do, but you will definitely need the logo as a vector file so you can change it. Even after you’ve accepted the work, you might still change your mind, so different file formats are needed.

There are different ways to get the service.

  • Simple: The simplest package costs $30. You will get one concept, a 3D mock-up, several file types, a social media kit, and a social media kit.
  • Standard: This one is standard and costs $65. You get the same benefits as the first package, but you also get two ideas or concepts for your logos.
  • Premium: The most expensive package, Premium, costs $95. You’ll get all of the features, but you’ll also have three ideas.

You won’t get three logos just because you have three ideas or concepts. The artist would only show you three sketches or designs, and you would have to pick one.


A new seller on Fiverr is called Giantrier. He has 15 reviews, and 4.9 stars are given to him. Gian, as he calls himself, is an expert in branding who has worked for many years to market big brands. He used to work for design studios in Milan, but now he makes logos on his own time.

Here are the most important parts of what he does:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a Shopify dropshipping store get an exclusive design.
  • A logo that fits the voice and spirit of your brand
  • Attention-grabbing design

Gian will make logos that could attract clients and get them to buy. He thinks that a logo can affect how trustworthy your store is, so he wants to make sure that your logo makes your store look professional.

He’s got three boxes.

  • Basic – costs $15. This is only sent out in one day. You get two files and one idea. One is a PNG file and the other a JPEG file.
  • Standard: This one will cost you $30 and give you two ideas. You will also get a high-resolution image, a transparent PNG, and a vector file, in addition to the usual JPG and PNG files. It will take two days to send this package.
  • Premium: This will cost you $35 and give you three ideas. In addition to what you get in the first two packages, this one gives you a 3D mockup and lets you make as many changes as you want.

Note that the vector file and the AI file are not part of the first two packages. This means that you can’t change the logo in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. To get the file, you have to buy the Premium package. The best thing about this service is that he will give you a full refund if you don’t like the results.


Tuhin247 is next on our list. He has 36 reviews and a feedback score of 4.8, making him a Level 1 seller. He specializes in making logos for dropshipping stores and other online businesses that sell things.

Here are some of the things he does:

  • Creativity – He focuses on making logos that show what your store is all about.
  • Modern His designs are modern because they are simple and sleek.
  • Lifetime Support: means that he will help you for the rest of your life and make as many changes as you need until you are happy.
  • Fast Shipping—your order will be sent to you in one or two days.

Here are his gig’s packages:

  • Simple: It only costs $10. This package comes with two logo ideas, as well as JPEG and PNG files and a 3D mock-up.
  • Standard: This costs $20 and is also called the Diamond Pack. You’ll get two logo ideas and a 3D mockup for this price. The difference between this and the Basic package is that you will get the source file or vector file so you can change the logo yourself.
  • Premium This one costs $40 and is also known as the Platinum Pack. This package will be delivered in two days, but you will get three ideas. This package is great because it comes with a free business card.

All packages include unlimited changes, 3D mockup designs, and PNG files that can be seen through. Like the logos from the other designers, the concepts are just rough sketches of ideas. You can tell the artist what kind of idea you want them to work on.

This seller will also give you your money back if you’re not happy. This is not likely, since you can make as many changes as you want. Just make sure you tell the seller exactly what you want.


This seller is on Fiverr’s list of Top Sellers. He has 1,422 reviews, and 4.9 stars are given to him. He is a brand identity designer who has won awards and made logos for big businesses like Lulu.

The first thing he does for a client is give them one to three ideas, depending on the package they order. He will then make changes to the logo. Once you get the sample, you can either accept the logo or ask the designer to change some parts.

Here are the services he offers and what they cost:

  • Basic – costs $195. You will get one first idea for this price. Once you agree with the idea, the finished product will be sent to you in two days. You can make up to three changes.
  • Standard: This one is standard and costs $295. At this price, you’ll get two logos and two different ideas for how to design them. In three days, you will have the finished item. With this one, you can ask the artist for five changes.
  • Premium: The most expensive package is Premium, which costs $395. You’ll get three logos with three different ideas for this price. The delivery time is three days, and you can make as many changes as you want.

All of the logo packages come with both JPG and PNG files that are clear. But if you want the vector file, you have to buy at least the Standard package. Each package also comes with a 3D mockup.

So far, this seller’s services have been very pricey. But what you pay for is what you get. This seller is a real pro and has been in a number of magazines.


This designer has been making things for nine years. He is a graphic designer who promises that your logo won’t look like pixels.

This is what his logo design service offers:

  • High Resolution: The logo is made in a high-resolution format, so it can be printed in large sizes without distorting or getting pixelated.
  • Unlimited Changes: All of the packages come with an unlimited number of changes.
  • Any File. Depending on how you plan to use the logo, you can ask for different file formats. The file format can be a JPG sticker, a transparent PNG sticker, a PDF, or the original file.

Here are the packages you can choose from:

  • Simple: This package costs $15 and gives you two creative logos, not just ideas. The quality of the logo you get is 300 DPI, and you’ll also get PNG and JPG files. There is only one day for delivery.
  • Standard: This package costs $25 and comes with three logos and all the same services as Basic. This one comes with a social media kit, which means that the logo is in different sizes that you can upload to different social media sites.
  • Premium: This package, which is “premium,” costs $50. At this price, you get four logos and everything else that comes with the first two packages.

You have to buy the second package if you want to get the editable source file. Overall, you can expect that the logos you get from this seller will be unique, beautiful, and easy to remember. Since he has been an artist for nine years, he knows how to make a logo stand out and make a brand easy to remember.


Gigblast is the next thing on our list. This seller has a rating of 4.8 and 4,077 reviews, which is a lot. This seller offers modern logo designs. It looks like this is a business, not a single freelancer. The company’s logo design is flat, which means that none of the logos are raised or anything like that.

Gigblast says that its team of more than 100 designers makes it the second largest design firm in the world. It does more than just make logos. It also makes websites and does digital marketing.

Here are the packages that the company has to offer:

  • Basic – costs $25. You’ll get two logos and four changes for this price. The designs here are simple, and the only file you can get is a PNG.
  • Standard: This package costs $65 and comes with three logos and as many changes as you want. You have to buy this package if you want the vector or source file. The designs in this set are better than the ones in the first set.
  • Premium: This costs $95 per year. You can make as many changes as you want to the four high-quality logos that come with this package. You’ll also get banner pages for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The 3D mockup and the social media kit are not part of the basic plan. For the standard, you will get a 3D mockup but not a social media kit. The only package that has everything you need for your logo is the premium package.

The basic and standard plans both deliver in one day, but the premium plan takes two. All logos are made with high-resolution images, so you don’t have to worry about them getting pixelated.


Rizwanan is the last name on our list. He is a seller who has gotten 96 reviews and 4.9 stars. He’s been a logo designer for more than four years, and most of the companies he works with are just getting started. He is an expert in brand identity and the visual parts of a brand.

The artist has a background in photography, which has helped him make logos for his clients that are beautiful to look at. His main goal is to make your brand stand out from the rest with designs that are both beautiful and simple.

Here’s how his services will work:

  • Basic – costs $25. At this rate, it will take you one day to get one logo. This package includes the source file, two logo ideas, and the color palettes that were used in the design. In addition, you will also get a vector file and a 3D mockup.
  • Standard: This costs $65 and gives you four first ideas. You will still only get one logo. You will get everything on the Basic plan plus stationery designs that you can use on your letterhead.
  • Premium – costs $125. This plan gives you everything from the first two packages, plus four concept logos and a social media kit. The difference between this and the standard package is that the premium package gives you everything you need to use your logo for branding, marketing, and any other purpose.

This seller has done business with a huge number of international brands. Based on what his clients have said, he is a trustworthy person who gives the highest level of quality.



If you can’t figure out how to make a logo for your Shopify store, you should hire a pro. You can’t go wrong with the seven artists I showed you.

Just make sure that if you ask someone to make you a logo, you ask if the copyright belongs to you. Many freelancers make cheap logos, but they will charge you more money before you can use the logo for business purposes.

This is a scam, but they are on the right side of the law, so make sure you stay out of trouble with the law. Write up an agreement that says the freelancer gives you full permission to use the logo for business purposes.