If you use TikTok or any other social media site, you’ve probably seen Andrew Tate, whose online presence is growing all the time. Andrew Tate’s Hustler University program is something you’ll learn about if you watch his videos.

The latest version of his membership, Hustler University 2.0, teaches entrepreneurs how to get out of the “matrix” and make money online without working a dead-end job. You might be wondering, “Is Hustlers University worth it?” or “Should I join?” If so, read our review of Hustlers University 3.0 to see if this program is right for you.

In this Hustlers University review, I list dozens and dozens of reasons why you might or might not want to make such a move. I also suggest a different way to go.

Hustlers University Review 2023 Is It Worth It To Go To Husters University
Hustlers University Review 2023 Is It Worth It To Go To Husters University

Has everyone heard good things about Andrew Tate?

Hustler’s University is a little bit controversial, mostly because Andrew Tate is controversial. Several well-known YouTube fans say that Andrew Tate has been found guilty of crimes like human trafficking, but this has not been proven. The video does a great job of giving an overview.

Even though these things have been said, the actor’s new star, Andrew Tate, has gained a lot of fans online. I did some research and found that more people liked the book than didn’t like it. Andrew Tate preaches about building wealth to entrepreneurs who have a lot of time but not much money and want to learn how to make money.

Andrew Tate, also known as “Cobra Tate,” makes most of his money online through a program called “Hustler University Affiliate.” Course members take content from Andrew Tate and use an affiliate link to promote Husterl’s University. Some people might see this business model as a way to get rich quickly or a multi-level marketing scheme, but this course does teach you the basics of many online business models and how they work.

How is Hustlers University 2.0 different?

Hustlers University 2.0’s main goal is to help people make money online using 18 new ways to build wealth. Since 2021, Tate Andrew Tate has been in charge of the group. HU is made to help students make money online without doing much work. We teach people how to make money at Hustlers University. This community gives you access to options for analyzing the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and more.

How can Hustler’s University help you make money online?

Hustlers University is a set of online classes that teach people how to make money online. Here are some of the most popular classes at Hustler University, which is the campus of the University. During the training, you will learn from our many teachers and instructors. Hustlers University wants all of its members to be financially free and plan their money well.

An instructor has taught him all of the business plans and investment strategies that have helped him earn more than $1 million. This course covers a wide range of topics, such as Shopify dropshipping and e-commerce, stock analysis, online sales and digital marketing, and training courses for other online business models.

What is the structure of Hustler’s University? How to Make Money Online

All of the lessons and this program are run on private Discord servers. The online community that offers online training courses and a knowledge hub to its members is hosted on these private Discords. There are many campuses at Hustler’s University, and each one has its own Discord channel. Students can use these private Discord servers to move through the training lessons, and if they need help or have questions, they can talk to a Discord bot. Discord might be a great platform, but if you want to host online courses, I suggest using one of the best membership site platforms.


It looks like Hustlers University has a great community. More than 5,000 people took part in the competition this week. Andrew Tate must give you this if he wants to attract many people all over the world. Some scrolling is needed for Hustlers University. This is mostly true for campuses with a lot of content that you have to scroll through to find what you need.

Campus Freelance

Another great school for freelancers. Text and video lessons give clear instructions and a lot of them. It’s also well-organized; it won’t show you all the pages at once, but it will as soon as you finish a lesson. So the opportunities to learn are better at the University. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, such as how to write blog posts, articles, and more.

Stocks Campus

Options trading is what Stock College is all about. The movie is very good, and I’ve already said that there are too many quizzes. I’d be happy if we could watch videos on YouTube. This is a mix of texts in general and lectures that students usually teach.

Ecommerce Campus

Students at the ecommerce campus learn how to use Shopify for dropshipping and ecommerce to make money online. This is my hardest way to get around, and I mostly use it to read lessons. Most of the videos are presented as slide shows. It’s not free, but it’s worth the price because most of the lessons have useful information.

College for Copywriting

Copy Writing Campus is most likely the best because it has video lectures. Many come with extra materials, such as PDFs and links to online resources. The information was easy to understand and useful.

Amazon FBA Campus

Amazon FBA Campus is quite excellent too. In the same way, the lesson is shown. Again, there are a lot of pictures and then a lot of text in the video.

Blockchain Campus

Crypto campuses are like Stock campuses in that they have more pictures and don’t have quizzes every so often.

War Room

Cobra Tate also has a mastermind group called “War Room” that you can join. High-paying members can meet with Andrew Tate, Tristian Tate, and other well-known members to work together in person at this mastermind. Whether or not the war room is worth the money is up for debate. Members of War Room don’t share information, so it’s hard to tell if the shift in thinking that comes from this mastermind is worth the money.

How do you get started with Hustlers University?

First, you have to buy it for $49; it’s like a Netflix subscription that lasts a year. Just put in a few details about your credit card! When you get your welcome email, it should start, and it should also work in a browser. You are welcome to go to the section on how to get started. During these lectures, the professor will give you written tutorial videos that you can watch to help you figure out where you are right now. They can help you figure out the best and fastest way to make money right away. The cash flow quadrant is where all of these things happen.


Tate says that the membership cost has gone up by $50/month, but he says he doesn’t have to pay any more taxes. Tate says the membership isn’t more than $50, but that’s a pretty good amount. You can use $5000 to $900 per year to pay for your website’s name, hosting, Google Drive, Grammarly Premium, and other things that help you build an online business. If I thought this, the course should be worth about $7 or $9 more per month because most of the information about it is online and it usually goes into more depth than other courses.

Code for a discount or coupon

I looked for deals on the Internet, but there wasn’t a place to sign in or enter a code when shopping. You have to pay it all or look for leaks on the Internet because they’re so big.

There are no refunds.

There are no refunds in this policy.

Questions People Usually Ask

What do you learn at hustlers university?

Students learn how to start and run a successful online business at Hustlers University 2.0. The goal was to help people learn how to make money online.

How many people go to hustlers college?

Tate said in June that more than 100,000 people had signed up for its online course, which some people have called a scam.

Is hustlers University something you pay for every month?

Then you should enroll in Hustlers’ University. This is a monthly membership that starts at $49. Once you’ve paid for your account, you can join one of the many Discord groups or channels for this program.

Should I go to Hustlers University?

I know that’s not true. Most businesses take months to start up, and most of them have old information about their customers. Most of the time, you’ll spend a lot more than $50, since the monthly subscription doesn’t charge for an extra month. Real professionals in this field have put together a lot of FREE coaching that can be used in this industry. I did my work with SEO, and you can use a free eBook to do the same.

Are the students of Andrew Tate making progress?

Andrew Tate says that most of his students stay in the program because they make more money than what it costs to be in it. Even though this is controversial, Hustler students can easily tell everyone on campus what the results are. On the CourseInfo Page, there are some testimonials, but they aren’t very convincing. Few real success stories are shown, so many people criticize it. But many students’ earnings are higher than HU’s, so I think the training is helpful in every case.

Should You Buy Hustlers University?

Andrew T. Tate’s Hustler University 2.0 was probably all over the internet, from Instagram to YouTube to TikTok. Hustler University 2.0 is an online learning program that looks at how it works from every angle. Does Hustlers University make sense? How much do you make? Is it important? This report shows what Hustlers University 2.0 is worth.

What is his name?

Andrew Tate was born in the United States, but when he was a teenager, he moved to England. Andrew Tate was successful early on in his career as a kickboxer, but he is best known for how he rose to fame by talking about controversial men’s issues. Andrew used the lessons that his chess grandmaster father, Emory Tate, had taught him.


Hustlers University Review: Final Thoughts and a Different Path

With Hustler University, Andrew Tate wants to show entrepreneurs how to get on the right track to financial freedom. Even though the course gives you some basic information about many online business models, it doesn’t give you enough in-depth information about how to make money online.

EcomUpstart is a good choice for people who want a more polished program. This membership gives you access to a discussion group and a full Shopify dropshipping course. Members will learn how to start a Shopify dropshipping store, find dropshipping products to sell, do research on products, run Google ads, meta ads, and more.