Do you believe you have a marketable product idea that can be sold quickly, but lack the capital to launch a dropshipping operation?

You might be surprised to learn that the free dropshipping model makes it possible to sell products online without spending a dime. You read that correctly. Dropshipping is based on the premise that the seller never actually handles the goods they are offering for sale.

And naturally, modern drop shippers shell out cash for a plethora of flashy tools meant to boost productivity and sales. Regardless of the aforementioned caveats, the free dropshipping model is feasible and practicable.

What if you don’t have any capital, though? The only way to know is to investigate!

What Is Free Dropshipping?

In free dropshipping, the retailer does not hold any inventory or have any direct interaction with the products being sold to the final consumer.

Some dropshipping models call for a larger initial investment than others (for example, if you buy in bulk and sell private label products). However, dropshipping is one of those businesses that even a beginner can get into without any initial investment.

When dropping anchor on a shoestring budget, keep in mind these three guidelines:

When placing an order, always do so individually;
Make use of an inexpensive dropshipping platform like AliExpress;
Get started with an e-commerce business, import products, handle fulfillment, etc. with no upfront costs by taking advantage of available free services, platforms, tools, and plugins;
Now, let’s take a look at how to launch your dropshipping enterprise without spending a dime.

How to Dropship with No Money?

To get started with free dropshipping, you need only set your price, create a free online store, and locate a free supplier willing to ship the product for you through a free website like AliExpress.

Once an order is placed and paid for, you will have the funds necessary to place an order with your supplier and have the product shipped to your final consumer. For those who don’t have any capital to invest, that’s the best way to get into dropshipping.

Online store sales are directly tied to marketing efforts, so don’t overlook it. It’s possible, then, that you’ll have to spend money enticing people to use your eCommerce site.

Here’s how to put your dropshipping skills to the test with (almost) no risk:

Choose a Hosting

Use Bluehost’s WordPress Hosting Basic Plan for only $3.95 per month.

Choose a Domain

The aforementioned hosting package provides you with a free SSL Certificate and domain name registration for an entire year.

Install WordPress

The good news is that the latest version of WordPress can be easily installed with one click on Bluehost’s WordPress hosting.

Install the WooCommerce Plugin

You can now convert your WordPress site into an online shop. The best, and most cost-free, way to do this is to install the WooCommerce plugin on your site.

Choose a Free Theme

Numerous free e-commerce templates are available that are compatible with both WordPress and WooCommerce. Just pick a free template that looks good with your product, and you’re ready to go.

Install Other Supporting Plugins and Apps

Yoast SEO can be installed to make sure Google likes the content on your site. Moreover, set up additional zero-cost dropshipping apps like Zendesk Chat, Checkout Manager for WooCommerce, etc.

Live chat, checkout, payment processing, SEO, testimonials, and much more can all be added with a simple click using one of the many available free plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce.

Import Product Listings

Visit AliExpress, pick out an item you intend to resell, and then use DSM Tool or another similar free dropshipping tool to import the product’s listing into your brand new WooCommerce store.

Start Marketing and Advertising

That’s where a lot of would-be drop shippers go belly up before they even spend any cash.

Though you have everything in place to engage in cost-free drop shipping, you must still find a way to generate revenue.

To get people to visit your online store quickly and easily, you should invest in paid advertising. But we’re discussing cashless dropshipping here. Thus, it is incumbent upon you to implement strategies for boosting organic store foot traffic.

Place an Order to Your Seller

You can place an order with your supplier and have them ship directly to your customer’s address as soon as you receive your first order and payment.

Follow Up and Stay Available

Maintaining happy customers when dropshipping products you’ve never touched or seen can be difficult. That’s because variables like shipping times, product quality, and so on are completely outside of your control.

This means you (or your dropshipping agent) will need to keep tabs on orders and maintain regular contact with buyers.

What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers?

Free dropshipping marketplaces like AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Modalyst (completely free for up to 25 products), Banggood, Chinabrands, DHgate, Made-in-China, etc., are where you’ll find the best dropshipping suppliers.

Top Rated Dropshippers Without Costs
Products can also be sourced from the free dropshipping sites or Taobao, both of which offer a large selection at low prices. However, these sites are only available in Chinese, so a dropshipping agent in China will be necessary.

How to Create a Free Dropshipping Store?

If you use a service like Square Online or Weebly, you can open an unlimited-product dropshipping store at no cost to you. However, there is a 2.9% fee added to all purchases.

Dropshipping store setup is completely free.
WordPress, which can be used to create a website for no cost, and the WooCommerce plugin, which can be obtained for no cost as well, may be preferable. Like this, you could, in theory, open a dropshipping store at no cost to you.

But remember that you’ll need to invest in website hosting and a domain name. The least expensive option would be to use Bluehost or a similar hosting service and to buy a domain name from GoDaddy.

Starting costs will average less than $5 per month.

Even better, Shopify offers a free 14-day trial, so you can get started dropshipping without spending a dime if you’re just curious about a product.

How to Drop Ship for Free with AliExpress?

There is a reason why AliExpress has quickly surpassed all other online marketplaces in popularity among new drop shippers. Since AliExpress is a B2C platform, there are no minimum order quantities (MOQs) to worry about when fulfilling customer orders.

The convenience of AliExpress’s free dropshipping service
Most sellers and suppliers on AliExpress will have no problem removing their invoice before shipping to your end-consumer (or even place your own instead).

AliExpress is a shopping platform that doesn’t cost anything to join, use, or shop on. Inevitably, some items in your store will ship free of charge to customers while others won’t.

However, you can still attract buyers by charging them for shipping, but giving them the option of having it shipped for free. The price of the product will, of course, rise slightly as a result.

However, there is a fee associated with using Shopify. It’s important to note, however, that the free version of Oberlo allows you to import up to 500 product listings from AliExpress and begin dropshipping without spending a dime if you already have a Shopify store.

It doesn’t matter what shopping cart software you use to run your online store, using AliExpress to source products will always be free.

Can a Dropshipping Agent Help Me Find Free Dropshipping Suppliers?

Yes. Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers on free online marketplaces or directories shouldn’t be too difficult if you work with a dropshipping agent or a good product sourcing agent.

Before agreeing to work with an agent in China, it’s a good idea to get in touch and ask any and all questions you may have about the agent and the product(s) in question.

You should also inquire as to the locations of any storage facilities or distribution hubs operated by your dropshipping agent. Working with a dropshipping agent that maintains warehouses in the United States can drastically cut down on delivery times.

Are There Some Good Free Dropshipping Courses or Guides?

Do your homework and stay abreast of developments in the dropshipping industry if you’re just starting out.

Udemy offers a variety of paid and free dropshipping courses. The second option is to use YouTube as a reference. All sorts of free dropshipping tutorials and guides for newcomers can be found there.

How to Start Dropshipping Without Spending a Dime The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How to Offer Free Shipping If You Dropship with No Money?

Do your homework and stay abreast of developments in the dropshipping industry if you’re just starting out.

Udemy offers a variety of paid and free dropshipping courses. The second option is to use YouTube as a reference. All sorts of free dropshipping tutorials and guides for newcomers can be found there.

Can I Dropship Private Label or White Label Products for Free?

To dropship a private label item, you must first have it manufactured bearing your brand. Your minimum order quantity will be higher regardless of whether you’re working with a drop shipper or a manufacturer to private label the product.

Private label products have a high minimum order quantity because an entire production line must run to make your product.

White labeling, in which your brand’s name appears on the product but not the packaging, invoices, or tags, may have a lower MOQ, but will still require a minimum order size.

It’s easy to see why it’s so difficult to dropship private label or white label products for free when you take all of that into account.

Additionally, if you plan to private-label a product and run a one-product store, you should make sure the product is marketable. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing all of your initial investment in manufacturing and buying the products from the supplier.

Bulk orders mean you’ll have to pay to keep extra stock on hand, which is the last thing a new business needs.

To get your feet wet in the dropshipping industry, it’s best to start with free dropshipping from AliExpress or similar free websites and save private labeling for when you’re ready to expand.

What’s the Difference Between Wholesale and Free Dropshipping?

The initial capital required to launch a wholesale business is fixed. The key distinction is that wholesalers must find a way to store their massive quantities of inventory.

The order is then resold from the warehouse it was originally stored in. A dropshipping agent with a global fulfillment center can help wholesalers with this, or they can do it themselves.

Since a drop shipper doesn’t need to stockpile goods, they can operate under the free dropshipping model.

Are There Free Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA?

CJdropshipping (they have warehouses in the US), Modalyst (free for up to 25 products), Syncee (free for max.25 products), Crov (1 store, up to 500 products), Merchmixer, etc. are some of the best free dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for free dropshipping suppliers in the USA, websites like AliExpress and Banggood can also help.

China is naturally the largest source of suppliers there. Many retailers, however, have come to see the value in setting up shop in the United States and have begun opening warehouses there. Don’t forget to take a look at them!

What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers for a Shopify Store?

AliExpress, Oberlo, CJdropshipping, Made-in-China, Modalyst, Globalsources, etc. are great places to find reliable, low-cost dropshipping partners for your Shopify store.

What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Apps for Shopify?

CJdropshipping, Oberlo, Spocket, etc. are just a few of the excellent dropshipping apps that can be used to import products to your Shopify store.

Good alternatives that don’t cost anything include AliDropship, AliExpress Dropshipping, and Ecomdash.

How to Create a Free Dropshipping Store Using WordPress?

To get around the need for technical expertise when setting up a free dropshipping store with WordPress, you can use one of the many available WooCommerce themes for your online store.

Shopify’s drag-and-drop builder may sound ideal, but it does not come free of charge. If you can’t afford a developer or designer, then the next best thing is to set up a free WordPress + WooCommerce online store.

WordPress-based Dropshipping Store, Free of Charge
Visit to create a free WordPress site, or select the Basic WordPress Hosting plan from Bluehost to have WordPress set up for you with one click.

Pick a free domain from the options provided by the Bluehost + WordPress bundle, set up the WooCommerce free plugin, and set up a free theme, and you’re ready to go!

When your online store is ready, you can begin importing goods from AliExpress and other free dropshipping websites.

Are There Some Free Dropshipping Plugins for WordPress?

DropshipMe, Spocket, WooDropship (limited), and Ezusy are four of the top free dropshipping plugins for WordPress + WooCommerce (limited). These are all examples of apps used frequently by drop shippers, and each one has to do with finding new products to sell.

Importing product data from a CSV file is a free additional option for populating your web store with product information.

The following are some additional free WordPress plugins that may improve the features or aesthetics of your online shop:

Tools like Zendesk Chat, Live Sales Notification, WooCommerce Customer Reviews, WooCommerce Image Zoom, Checkout Manager for WooCommerce, WP Amazon Shop for Dropshippers, TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Free dropshipping is a great way for new dropshippers to try out different products and get a feel for the marketing and sales processes involved.

With this knowledge of how to dropship on a shoestring budget in hand, you should be better equipped to launch your own online store and begin the hunt for a best-seller.

We hope that our comprehensive FAQ guide on no-risk drop shipping has answered all of your questions and paves the way for you to get started. After identifying a product that sells well, expansion and funding can occur rapidly. Dropshipping can begin with zero capital until then.