Social media has helped make-up businesses grow like never before. With a growth rate of almost 5% per year, the beauty industry made $483 billion in sales around the world in 2023. Dropshipping makeup brands is one of the most profitable niches, and it can help you build a brand while making a steady income.

At dropshipcorporation, we’ve been working with dropshippers for almost 20 years. We work with makeup companies all over the world to help them find good suppliers so they can launch and grow their brands. We’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to start an online makeup business, from understanding the rules to building a website.

How To Open An Online Makeup Business
How To Open An Online Makeup Business

Learn the rules set by the FDA

Before you can even think about starting a makeup business, you need to know the rules set by the FDA or your country’s equivalent. Every place has its own rules and laws about how cosmetics can be sold. You need to know which products and ingredients can be sold in your country and which ones can’t. Since each country is different, you should do your own research. For example, dozens of ingredients that are legal in the US are not allowed in Europe.

Find your place

Makeup doesn’t come in one size that fits everyone. Whether it’s “barely there” makeup or “soft glam,” every successful makeup business has a niche. By finding a niche, you can find your target audience and build your brand. Your niche will be the core of everything you do, and it will help you make decisions every day. You should choose a makeup niche that you are really interested in or know a lot about.

Even though skincare-based makeup is becoming more popular, it’s a very specific niche that you should only go into if you know a lot about skincare. You need to be able to show that your brand is an authority in your niche and a leader in the field.

Make a website that is fully branded

You want to make a website for your makeup business that makes it seem real. Do some research on your competitors and look at how their websites are set up. How easy is it to get around on them? How do they talk about the brand? How are the different types of products set up?

Your website should show who you are and what you do in your makeup business. You want to add your social media platforms to your website and make sure that your makeup products are shown in the best way possible. If you’re making your own website, choose an easy-to-use platform like Shopify to make the ordering process as smooth as possible. This is another area where you should use what you’ve learned about your competitors.

Don’t forget how important product images are

One of the most important things you can do to market your makeup business is to take pictures of your products. Just showing the product in its packaging isn’t enough. You’ll have to show what the makeup looks like and how it looks on the skin.

Every picture you post should be of good quality and show the real color and pigment of your makeup. The best lighting is natural light, and you shouldn’t use filters or photo editing that changes the color of the makeup. Images that mislead can lead to bad reviews and customers sending back their purchases. It’s a good idea to compare makeup products with swatches and videos as much as possible.

Write good descriptions of your products

Product descriptions are something else that you shouldn’t forget about. Photos of makeup products can be deceiving, so you want to give detailed product descriptions that tell the customer everything they need to know about the product. It’s a good idea to hire an experienced copywriter who knows the business to help you write product descriptions that are informative and match the voice of your brand.

Customers are more likely to be happy when they know they are ordering the right product because of a good product description. Customers shouldn’t send back matte eyeshadows because they thought they were metallic.

Set up a presence on social media

The brands of makeup that do best are the ones that build a community around their products. Just look at how well Glossier has done to see how important a niche and active social media community can be. The success of your makeup business will depend on how well you market it on social media.

Your social media accounts will help you make friends and give you an easy way to show off your makeup. Video is your best tool because it lets you show people what your makeup looks like in real life. You want to have a presence on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and all the other most popular social media sites.

Don’t forget how powerful organic social media content can be. Encourage your customers to post and share pictures of your makeup products, either with a branded hashtag or by tagging your brand. This not only makes people more aware of your brand, but it also helps you come up with content for your social media accounts.

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Work with influential people

Start small by working with micro-influencers whose followers are active and include people in your target audience. Influencers have a special relationship with their community based on trust, which makes them some of the most powerful marketers. Using micro-influencers is a win-win situation. They will try to make good content so they can be featured on your profile and build their own brands.

When compared to bigger influencers, who get dozens of offers from brands every day, micro-influencers are more likely to feature free PR products. Do your research and work with micro-influencers who have a known presence in your niche for the best results.

Dropshipcorporation is a leader in the dropshipping industry. We help our customers grow and expand their businesses by putting them in touch with high-quality dropshipping suppliers and products. We integrate with the best marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, so you can add products and sync orders directly with your supplier.

Our service makes it easy for you to start a makeup business by helping you connect with suppliers and find the products you need to build your brand. With these tips, you can start a makeup business that will turn your lifelong love of makeup into the best way to make extra money.