If you want your dropshipping business to succeed in a world where everything is tweeted, liked, and shared, social media marketing can’t be an afterthought.

The truth is, though, that many dropship business owners do just that. They create a Facebook page or set up Instagram and Twitter accounts after they’ve already started their business, then rush to build a following and make social media work for them.

How should I use social media in my dropshipping business
How should I use social media in my dropshipping business

Of course, it doesn’t happen very often. At least not if you take this approach. Most business owners don’t do enough until it’s too late.

If you want to really make money dropshipping and be successful at it, you need to use social media in everything you do from the very beginning.

Even before you start your new business, platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can be very helpful.

Early research and figuring out where you fit in

Trending topics and search features are the two social media tools that home-based business owners often forget about the most.

Before you even start a dropshipping business, these tools can help you find a profitable niche market, figure out who your key customers are, and figure out how to give those customers what they want in the best way.

As the company that may have come up with the idea of “trending topics,” Twitter is a great place to hear what people are talking about in the niche you want to market to.

For example, let’s say you want to start an online clothing business. With Twitter’s trending topics, moments, and search tools, you can find out what styles and clothes are most popular. Obviously, this kind of information can be very helpful when deciding which dropship wholesalers to work with and which lines to stock in your online boutique when you finally get around to doing it.

You can also use these tools to find out what customers say about other businesses that are similar to yours.

When you listen to Twitter chats about your niche, make sure to ask important questions like:

What do people like about the stores they shop in now?

How can I use those things that people like in my own dropshipping business to make money?
Why don’t people like something? What should I not do?
What do customers not get from other online stores that I can give them? By doing this, I can create my own niche market and a unique, marketable identity in a space that may already be very competitive.

Of course, you don’t have to just use Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, and a lot of other social media marketing tools have search features that can help you come up with a winning plan for your new store.

Why Should You Market on Social Media?

Wider User Base

There are billions of active users on social media, millions of daily active users, and millions of photos and videos shared every day. So it makes sense that so many people find it helpful to use Social Media Platforms and have a social media marketing plan for their Dropshipping business.

All natural traffic means less money spent.

If you choose the right niche, post regularly on your social media accounts, and answer questions well, it could be the golden age of your business because you will get a lot of “organic traffic” without spending a dime.

Isn’t it amazing?

Visual information is more powerful.
“A picture says more than a thousand words.”

We are visual creatures, so it makes sense that pictures are more interesting to us than words. Using hashtags makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Posting pictures and videos of your employees and your products gives users a better idea of what you do and helps them connect with your business in a better way.

No Advertisement Cost

Paid advertising can bring in targeted traffic and sales quickly, but you can still bring in traffic and sales if you don’t want to spend any money or can’t afford to. Using Social Media Marketing for your dropshipping business, you can find free ways to market your products.

So, if you want to make sales for your dropshipping business but don’t have a lot of money, a good social media marketing plan can be a great way to do it.


It’s easy to set up social media accounts on the different sites and then post about your products. For each one, all you have to do is go through a simple setup process, and you’re ready to start posting.

So, there are a lot of great reasons to use Social Media to market your business. Its ease of use could help you take your business to the next level and get good traffic and sales without having to pay for advertising.

Things you might be doing wrong with your dropshipping business’s marketing

No Uniqueness

If people aren’t responding well to your Social Media marketing plan, it could be because you’re not giving them anything new or interesting. Keep in mind that many of the dropshipping retailers might be selling the same products as you.

Most of the time, it’s not a problem to sell the same products as other people as long as your promotions are different so that your products and marketing stand out from the rest.

Changes in how content is posted

Another problem with your plan could be that you don’t post content to your account very often. You need to post on a regular schedule, and you need to post a lot.

To put it simply, if you want more people to follow you and check out your products, you have to do it often. If you’re trying to market with Social Media, but it’s not working, it could be because things aren’t going as planned.

The public can’t get to it.

Your business account should never be kept secret. You can use your personal account however you want, but your dropshipping business will never make money if the public can’t get to your business account.

So, make sure your business pages on social media are always open to the public.

Not talking to each other

The better it is for your business, the more you use your social media accounts for business. You have to talk to your customers and potential customers so that they always have good experiences with you and so that you can keep building your relationship with them. You can’t just post pictures; you have to serve your customers well.

Don’t forget that, because it’s the most important thing.

Not Knowing How to Use Hashtags

If you don’t use hashtags the right way, you’re not getting the most out of social media. There have been many times when businesses have done well by using the right hashtags.

Samsung, for example, worked with five Instagrammers with a lot of followers who used the Samsung Galaxy Note. They made a strong Instagram campaign with the hashtag #benoteworthy. It stuck in people’s minds.

How to make the most of your business’s social media marketing plan

How to Use Hashags

Research shows that posts with at least one hashtag get more attention than posts with no hashtags. So, using hashtags (and especially the right ones) can make your products much more visible to the people you want to see them.

Just give all the posts you make a short description and some hashtags. These hashtags put photos and videos into groups and make it easier to find the best ones.

Using the right hashtags can help you a lot on social media. But it’s not enough to just put any hashtag at the end of your post. So choose your hashtags with care.

Here are some tips on how to use hashtags the best way:

  • Your hashtags need to go with what you’re posting.
  • Find out what hashtags your competitors have used.
  • Use hashtags that fit with your brand.
  • Try making your own hashtags for your brand.
  • Use social media tools to their fullest

There are many tools you can use on Social Media to improve your marketing, like letting people email, call, or text your business. Just switch from your personal account to a business account. Business accounts give you access to insights and the ability to promote.

Pictures that look good

If you want people to easily recognize your brand, you should work on the visuals you use. Adding pictures alone wouldn’t work as well, so you need to make them stand out.

You can do this by:

  • Using filters to make pictures look better.
  • Try to keep the color and style of the pictures the same.
  • More important than how many pictures you have is how good they are.
  • You shouldn’t have too many captions around your images because that will hide their impact.
  • Get yourself involved

I would say that the most important step is to work with the users.

If you use social media, people who follow you will remember you. But keeping in touch with partners, bloggers, and publishing networks you want to work with and get more exposure from is just as important. If you want other people to follow your content, you should also follow theirs.

Make your username a brand name.

If you want to be more effective, you should make your username the same as your brand name, even if that isn’t always possible. Try not to put “a,” “the,” or “only” in front of your brand name. Instead, just use the name itself.

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Act when the time is right.

If you post your content when people are most likely to be online, it could be good for your business. Posting when most people are online will help you get more followers to interact with you.

At the end of the day, how well your social media efforts work and what effect they have on your traffic and sales will depend on how often you post and interact with other people.

So, if you want social media to bring you the most traffic and sales, make sure you post on a regular schedule. Make sure you also get out there and spend time getting to know your audience and building good relationships with them.