Google is the most-used search engine in the world, so it doesn’t need to be introduced. Since getting high organic results from its search results can be hard work, you might want to run Google Ads for your online store.

Google Ads Tutorial An Easy Way to Maximize Google Ads
Google Ads Tutorial An Easy Way to Maximize Google Ads

It will not only help you reach your target customers faster, but it will also improve your brand’s online presence. So, in this Google Ads tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up Google Ads and what you should do to get the best results.

Google Ads, in a nutshell, is Google’s paid advertising section that lets us get promoted results for certain keywords. As Google Ads, you can show all kinds of things, from links to your website to banners that show off your products.

Let’s look at an example of a Google Display Ad to help you figure out how it works. I wanted to buy some sunglasses a while ago, so I thought I’d look for them on Google. Now, when I typed in a search term like “sunglasses for men,” the first thing I saw was a list of ads.

Obviously, this will make it easy for you to reach your target audience and put you a few steps ahead of your competitors. Because of this, Google Ads are often used for online stores to get immediate results and boost sales. You can also use Google Ads to get more leads, spread the word about an upcoming event, or get more people to visit your website.

What Kinds of Google Ads Can You Run?

Before you learn how to set up Google Ads, you should know what kinds of campaigns and ads you can work on. This will help you figure out what kind of content works best for each ad type.

As you go through the Google Ads tutorial and set up your campaign, you will be asked to choose one of the following ad types:

What Kinds of Google Ads Can You Run
What Kinds of Google Ads Can You Run

Search Ads: This is the most common type of ad that shows up when a user types relevant keywords into Google’s search bar.

Display Ads: These are banner ads that can show up on any third-party websites that Google Ads works with.

Shopping ads are some of the most popular types of Google ads for online stores because they show up with an image and link to a product in the search results.

Video ads: These are ads that are made for YouTube, and there are different kinds of them (like skippable or non-skippable).

Universal App: You can run these ads on different Google networks to get people to download your app (including the Play Store).

How to set up Google Ads and run them like a pro

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s continue with our Google Ads tutorial by talking about some tips and suggestions from experts:

Learn about how Google Ads work.

If you want to learn how to set up Google Ads, you should know some basic things. For example, you can just go to the Google Ads website and follow a simple tutorial.

Also, when you set up your Google Ads campaign, you will be asked to bid on keywords. Please keep in mind that Google Ads works like an auction, and you can set the most you’re willing to pay for any action. Two things can be used to figure out how the bidding system works:

CPC stands for “Cost per Click,” which is just the amount you pay Google each time someone clicks on your ad.

Cost per Mille, or CPM, is the amount you pay for every 1000 times your ad is seen.

I’d also suggest learning how Google Ads’ conversion system works so you can carefully place your bids.

Choose keywords for ads with care.

Setting up your ads with the right keywords must be one of the most important things you can do to get better results. If your industry has a lot of competition, I would suggest focusing on long-tail keywords instead of short ones. Besides that, you can also target users in a certain location by typing in relevant keywords.

Let’s say you want to use Google Ads to promote your online leather boot store. Now, if you just search for “leather boots,” you might have to pay more and might not even get results that are relevant. Instead, you could use a long-tail keyword like “faux leather boots for women” or “buy faux western leather boots for women” to reach your specific audience for less money.

You could use the free Keyword Planner tool from Google Analytics to find keywords. This tool gives you information about how well the keyword is doing overall. You can also use third-party tools like Ahrefs, Keyword Tool, and Wordstream to get more information.

Come up with copies that will kill.

When making search ads for your website, it goes without saying that you need some killer copies. You should try to come up with an interesting headline that will grab your audience’s attention and tell them what makes your brand unique.

You also need to write a short, interesting description of the ad that will make people want to click on it. To come up with better copy, I’d suggest looking at some examples of Google display ads that are similar to those of your competitors. You can also do A/B testing or make more than one ad to see which one works best so you can improve it over time.

Choose who you want to reach to get better results.

This is something that almost every Google Ads tutorial will show you. If you want your ads to work better and save you time, you need to be specific about who they are for.

One of the best things about Google Ads is that we can choose who we want to reach based on different criteria. So, when you set up an ad campaign, you can choose who you want to reach based on their gender, location, age, job, and many other things.

Set a clear budget and keep an eye on insights on a regular basis.

Don’t do what most people do and spend too much on Google Ads. Set a daily and weekly budget for Google Ads for your online store if you’re just getting started. The key is to keep doing what you’re doing and to keep an eye on how your ads are doing overall.

It’s best to give your ads some time to work on their own, but you can use the built-in metrics in Google Ads to see how they’re doing. For example, if a campaign’s ROI is consistently low, you might want to stop it and put your attention on other campaigns that are doing better.

Don’t let Google Ads stress you out. Keep working on different campaigns, learn from your mistakes, and come up with some killer ads to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your online store.

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We’re done here. I’m confident that after reading this tutorial, you’ll have a better understanding of Google Ads and how it can help your business. Google Ads has come a long way in recent years and is now a great tool for reaching out to your niche market.

Profit more with the help of Google Ads by following the aforementioned advice. In addition, you can breathe new life into your dropshipping business with the help of a tool like Dropship Corporation, which will allow you to easily manage your operations.