Designing a well-organized, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing e-commerce website is essential for bringing in sales. The concept here is a minimal, straightforward design that is quick and efficient. When you fail to nail these crucial details, your marketing efforts fizzle and your sales teams struggle to close deals.

Essential Guidelines for Creating a Profitable eCommerce Website

For this reason, it is essential to optimise your ecommerce website design for maximum outcomes, despite the fact that you may be employing cutting-edge advertising and marketing strategies. We’ve compiled a list of 10 guidelines for creating superior website layouts. Have a look and get started with the website layout right now!

Advice for Creating a Profitable Online Shop

Think like a user: would you stay on a site that looks bad and isn’t very useful? How long would you wait to check products if there were things all over the place and product lists didn’t load? Not long, we’d say.

Because of this, having the best website design is the key to making more money and making sure your visitors are happy. Let’s figure out how you can do that.

Don’t forget about the user.

When making an e-commerce site, you should always think about the user. You have to realise that you are making the website for users, so it should be something they like.

If you want to make a good first impression, you should start by making a user persona. Find out who your user is, what they like, how old they are, and what else you can about them. This will help you figure out what your users like and don’t like, which will help you include important parts.

In this way, your ecommerce website design would help improve the customer experience.

Make it easy.

The current trend says that the best way to design a website is to keep it simple. This is not to say that a website with a lot of features won’t do well. Of course, it could be well-liked. But if you’re a new business owner or run a dropshipping business, it’s best to keep things simple.

We call it the safe strategy instead of the right one because you decide what the right strategy is. But this is a safe move because people like simple things and bugs are less likely to happen in features. You have the features that are needed, which gives you more time to work on it. When there are more features, there can be more bugs. It’s not hard to figure out why!

But you should keep in mind that even a simple website should look clean and professional.

Be easy to read

You have to put information on your ecommerce website in a way that can be read. This means that once the user is on your website, they should be able to quickly look around, figure out what you’re about, and see what products you have.

To be honest, no one will look at the content on your ecommerce site design. So, you should put more emphasis on pictures and use fewer, shorter sentences. Something like short, attention-getting taglines. For example, Embrace You, We Celebrate You, etc.

Don’t add more things that will distract you.

The most important thing we can tell you is to get rid of anything that takes away from your website. When we are making a website, it’s easy to get off track and add things that aren’t necessary.

For example, you could add a big picture to the “contact us” page and put the form at the bottom of the page. Some people may not even bother to scroll through the image. It wouldn’t make sense to them.

So, Remove:

  • Those extra details
  • Promotions that aren’t needed
  • Forms you have to fill out
  • From the middle of the page, pop-ups appear. Pop-ups should only appear on the side or bottom of the page.
  • Too many things you can click on
  • You need to give people information first, then anything else.

Write a review

Adding customer reviews to your website is one of the best ideas that has ever been thought of. You can do this by putting reviews on your site from real customers. Add a link to your social media along with these reviews and ratings. The things you post on social media should show that people like buying from you. At first, you can add your own reviews, but don’t forget to replace them with the real ones eventually.

Work on your brand

Branding is the key to success in an online business, if you look at it that way. When you first start dropshipping, you need to put your attention on building a brand.

Everyone wants to buy from a brand that is well-known or that seems to be important. To do this, you need to tell people about your work, share information about your brand on social media, and create a single view of your brand across all channels.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to come up with the best website design:

  • If my brand were a person, what would it look like?
  • How do I explain what my brand is?
  • How is my brand different from those of my rivals?
  • How am I serving the customer in a unique way?
  • With the answers to these questions, you’ll learn more about your brand and be better able to market and promote it.

Turn into the User

The best idea on our list for designing an e-commerce website is to put yourself in the user’s shoes. We all become users at some point in our lives. We buy from some brands and write about them. So look at it from that point of view and try to figure out why you would leave your own website.

  • By answering this question, you can get rid of a lot of problems that aren’t necessary.
  • For example, why would you leave your website for selling shoes that you dropship?
  • It’s because it takes too long to load and is hard to add things to the cart.
  • Once you’ve answered this question at least 10–20 times, you’ll have a good, simple website that will work.

Use the Correct Colors

Everything has to do with how colours make us feel. Check out this link to learn more about how colour is important in conversions.

This is important because every colour makes us feel something different. For example, blue is a colour that makes everyone feel calm, while red makes us feel more alert.

So, if you make a design that is blue, you will gain the trust and credibility of your users, and if you add a red “Click Now” button, you will convert quickly. Isn’t it incredible?

Images Are Important

We really do live in a world where website design is the most important thing. So, you need to use better images on your ecommerce website design to make it stand out.

  • First, don’t use stock photos. These make things worse. Stock images can be helpful if you are writing a blog post. But the images on the main website should be different. Hire a designer and get images made for the best website design.
  • Second, the pictures of the products should be good and appealing. When you order one of each product for your dropshipping store, be creative and take your own pictures of these items.
  • Images that look nice and are of good quality help you attract and convert more users.

Add a tool for dropshipping

Even though this tip has nothing to do with how your website looks, it still helps you make the best website design. See how:

dropship corporation 30

When you have a tool to help you run your business, the design of your ecommerce website matches what you do. How, for example, would your ecommerce website design make a difference if you didn’t send products on time or didn’t tell the user about certain things?

So, use something like Dropship Corporation. It is the best dropshipping tool, and it can help you connect your dropshipping store to other platforms. When you have a unified view, you can help your customers better. Let’s talk about how:

  • The sellers on Dropship Corporation are chosen by an AI engine. So, depending on what the customer orders, the Dropship Corporation tool will suggest the best seller for the order purchase.
  • When you use this tip and place an order, the information will be sent to your dashboard. Now, you can check everything about a sale from your dashboard and even answer questions from customers.
  • With the Dropship Corporation tool, you can order in bulk and bundles with just one click.
  • It’s amazing that you can add more than one platform to your dashboard, like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix.
  • There is a way to import the whole list of products to Dropship Corporation and link it to AliExpress so that it works, orders can be placed, and details can be tracked without any trouble.


So, here’s a list of our favourite tips for making ecommerce websites. It can help you make your website better. You don’t have to use every tip and make a website exactly like what was shown above. You can choose the ones that make sense for your brand. Just don’t forget the important ones. For example, using a dropshipping tool won’t really help your website’s design, but it will help your operations, which is also important for making sales.

Check out our website to learn more about the Dropship Corporation dropshipping tool and what it can do.