Even though the pace of digital change has sped up since the pandemic, the trend of making money online has been going on for a long time. There’s no doubt that changing the world to digital in the last two years would have taken a lot longer on its own. But we say that the trend began a long time ago because most of the ideas for making money online are not really new. We’ve been using these ways to make money online without a job for at least five years.

can you make money without a job online
can you make money without a job online

In this article, we’ll talk about some ways to make money online without a job that will give us something of value.

Without a job, you can make money online.

Can you make real money on the Internet? This is the first thing you should ask yourself before you start looking for ways to make money online.

How can you stop looking for a job or quit your current job to do work online?

You can make enough money online to live off of it. There are a lot of bloggers, dropshipping businesses, and small businesses that started out as one-person jobs and turned into ways to make money.

Do any of these ideas interest you?

Jump in and start to look around!

Create a blog.

One clear choice is to start a blog. You might think that this is very simple and common work that many people are doing right now. But it’s important to remember that we all read things online. We have been given data, which we use so often that we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

create a blog
create a blog

For example, you have a stomachache that won’t go away and some other symptoms. What are you going to do first? In a world without the Internet, we might normally go to the doctor. We still need to do that, but now we are better able to check the symptoms online first. It makes sense to pull out your phone and search right away! Isn’t it?

In a similar way, we use blogs to get information from the Internet. You can start your own blog if you are an expert in a certain field, like travel or health care.

Once you have a large number of people reading your blog, it’s easy to make money from it by becoming an influencer, using affiliate marketing, or putting ads on your site. There are a lot of ways to make money online without a job if you have a popular blog.

Do Crowdwork

A crowdworker is someone who does small tasks that don’t require technical knowledge, like watching videos, updating resumes, or entering data. These are small, easy jobs that companies post on the internet so that other professionals can do them and make money from them.

You can find this kind of work by contacting companies directly or by going to freelance or gig sites that are known for crowd work.

Why should you give it a shot?

You might not be able to make a lot of money doing crowd work, but you can make enough to reach your goals. For instance, at first, this could be a side job that helps you save money for your small business.

Sell Your Art

Are you a painter?

Do you stitch?

Do you make something by hand?

You can sell your art online, no matter what kind of art you make. Art is something that sells well online and can help you make money. If you open your Instagram account right away and go to reels, you should find many small businesses selling their art online.

If you have the skills, you should set up your own website and stores on social media to sell your goods to everyone. Even just 5 years ago, it would have been hard to do this. But these days, a lot of people buy things online, so you have a great chance to sell your art and make money online without a job.

Start dropping shipping.

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money online without a job. So, we already know about a small business that makes or finds things to sell online. In another category, you can find the product and send it straight to the customer.

dropship corporation 64
dropship corporation

In a normal business, to fill orders, you would need stock. In dropshipping, we look for products on a marketplace and place orders there so that the products can be sent directly to the customer. Here are some major factors that are very important:

  • Find out about products
  • How the seller is chosen
  • Design and viability of a website
  • How to do marketing and sales
  • Tools you used for drop shipping
  • If you can get these basics right, you can start a dropshipping business and make money while you sleep.

A dropshipping model is a niche product model, which is important to keep in mind. Based on market research, you need to give users products that are well-thought-out and made with care. Don’t try to add products from categories that aren’t related or make your website’s category space look like a mess. For the best results, stick to a niche or domain business.

What kinds of products can you sell in your dropshipping store?

Some thoughts:

  • Brand of clothes for women
  • Accessories for women
  • Jewelry and home goods
  • Products for beauty
  • Essential products
  • Inspired products, like a store full of minions

Make pictures

People make a lot of money online by selling their graphics. We go to sites that sell paid stock photos. If you are a designer who knows how to make unique graphics about different topics that are popular, you can sell your graphics to these websites. Every website has a different way of making money, but you can be sure that this is a good way to make money.

Use the subscription or image charge that the website takes to figure out how much money you would be making.

Set up courses

If you are smart and know a lot about a certain subject, you can start teaching. There are two very important ways to get to the same place. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, and you can teach your audience or make courses in many other ways. But these are the ones we think are most helpful:

The first way is to start a teaching channel on YouTube. YouTube will let you make money from your stream or videos after a certain number of subscribers or views. You can get so many real people to watch your videos on YouTube, but the real deal here is marketing. No matter how much time you spend making videos, you should also start marketing them to reach more people.

Second, you can start making courses for websites that offer courses. At first, it might be a good idea to make free courses so that you can get the right audience, ratings, and reach. It will help you move on to paid classes and make money online even if you don’t have a job.

Get a job as a freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is the last thing on the list. A freelancer is a professional who works on a contract or freelance basis for more than one company. They do what is asked of them and get paid by the hour or by the project.

get a job as a freelancer
get a job as a freelancer

A freelance writer, for example, might charge by the hour or by the word.

You can get work from businesses that are relevant to you and that work in different fields. For example, you can find work on LinkedIn, the Freelancer website, Facebook, Upwork, and a few other marketplaces. You are not working for someone else, but you are still making money online.


The best time to start making money online is right now. We live in a time when digital technology is changing the most, which brings a lot of opportunities. Pick your path and start working towards your goal right away. You can start making money online, be your own boss, and avoid being stuck in a job if you work a little harder.