Many studies show that the average conversion rate of online stores in many different industries is between 1% and 5%. This means that only one to five out of every 100 people who come to your store will buy.

For someone like you who runs a business online, this can be scary. Why spend money and time trying to get people to come to your site if only 5% of them will buy?

Can It Really Help You Increase The Number Of Sales You Make
Can It Really Help You Increase The Number Of Sales You Make

What’s the matter?

If you put ads on Google or Facebook, you don’t even know how many people will click on them and visit your store.

If your ad’s conversion rate is 5%, only 50 people out of every 1,000 people who see it will click on it.

And only two out of these 50 people will buy.

If you pay $0.10 for each ad impression, you would have spent $100 on that one ad. The question is whether you will make $100 from the two people who buy something.

And if you do, you just break even and don’t make any money.

What’s the Answer?

At first glance, it might seem like the only solution is to stop spending money on ads. But we know that if you don’t pay for traffic, you won’t get any unless you make something that goes viral on its own.

The answer is to use an app called Privy in your Shopify store.

What is a privy?

Privy is an app for Shopify that is meant to help you get more sales. It is a combination of an exit-intent app, an email marketing app, a cart abandonment app, and a promotional wheel app.

What can this kind of app do? If we look at the numbers we looked at earlier, we can see that only half of the people who see your ad will click on it, and only two of these fifty people will buy.

What if you can get more than 50 of those people to buy something? This is what Privy does for you. It lets you set up the app to make tempting offers to anyone who walks into your store.

It’s great that it comes with both a free plan and paid upgrades. It has a lot of features that can help you increase your conversion rate, and you can choose the plan that works best for your business and your budget.

Secret parts

There are many things you can do with this app, but the things you can do depend on which tier you choose. We’ll look at all of them and decide later which ones have the features we want.

Tool for Getting Emails

Privy lets you make a pop-up box that will try to get the email address of your site’s visitors. Today, most websites do this because it is one of the quickest ways to build a mailing list.

If a visitor gives you his email address, you can give him something in return. You can promise to send discounts by email or make a discount that can only be used by people who signed up for your email list.

You can drag and drop things on the email collection tool, and there are hundreds of templates to choose from.

Banners and pop-up ads

You can put banners and pop-up ads on your online store that you make with Privy. For instance, you could make a banner that says “Free Shipping” to get people to buy something from your site.

Banners and pop-ups can be annoying, so you don’t do this all the time. The best time to make pop-ups and banners is when you have an offer that you know your site visitors can’t refuse, like a huge discount or a free gift.

Spin Wheels

A lot of people probably won’t give out their email addresses. Some of them know that they will be used for marketing, while others worry about internet fraud.

One thing you can do is give the customer a reason to come back. And you can use the spin wheel to get the attention of people who visit your site.

Here, the customer will spin a wheel on your website, and he could win a prize or nothing. He has to give his email address before he can spin.

The good thing about this is that you can choose what you want to give out. You can decide what kind of prizes or discounts a customer can win.

As you set up the prizes on the wheel, you can choose whether or not each stop has a prize. You can also choose what the chance of winning will be.

If you set the in percentage to 50%, then each customer who spins it has a 50% chance of winning something.

Making coupons

A coupon is a code that a customer enters at checkout to get a discount. You can make different codes and use them in different ways with Privy.

For instance, you could make a coupon for a 10% discount. You just need to go to the admin panel and give it a name, such as COUP10.

The next step is to choose how this will be displayed. You can use the pop-up, “spin the wheel,” or “collect emails” features.

If you use the feature that asks for an email address, the customer won’t be able to see the COUP10 until he gives you his email address. If the wheel stops on that slice in spin-the-wheel, he can win it.

Use the pop-up or banner if you want every customer to be able to use the coupon without having to play a game or give you their email address.

Campaigns That Aim

There are a lot of reasons why customers don’t buy, and there are a lot of ways to get them to come back or buy.

A targeted campaign is a strategy that picks and chooses. Here, you can choose how the customer will see your ad, what kind of device they will be using, and a lot more.

You can use an exit-intent pop-up with Privy. The app knows if a site visitor is about to leave your page, and it will only show a promotion if it thinks the visitor is about to leave without making a purchase. This is a great way to convince someone to stay.

You can also use a campaign called “cart abandonment.” Some customers fill up their shopping carts and make it to the page where they pay. Whatever the reason, they decide not to buy.

Maybe they tried to find something else. They might have lost connection and forgotten about the purchase. If this happens, Privy has the customer’s information, and you can send them a mass email or a personal email to remind them that they didn’t finish their purchase.

This is a great way to get people to finish a purchase they started but didn’t finish. It’s like trying to catch a fish. With this method, it is also much easier to get a customer to buy, since the customer has already put the items in his shopping cart.

You can also put a timer on your products to make them seem more important. You can set this timer to 48 hours if you are having a sale. It’s up to you to decide. The timer will be on the product page, and the customer will really think twice before leaving your store.

There are other ways to start your campaign in a targeted way on Privy, like showing your pop-ups only on certain devices, like tablets or mobile phones, or showing how many orders each product has gotten.

Auto-Responder and Email Campaigns

You can connect Privy to many email campaign systems, like MailChimp, Slack, Recart, Maropost, Adroll, and many more.

With an email campaign, you can send customers who have signed up for your mailing list a weekly newsletter. You can give them special deals or set up automatic responses to people who just signed up, thanking them for giving you their email and maybe giving them something for free.


Privy can be used on more than just Shopify, which is an e-commerce platform. This is great if you’re in charge of more than one store.

Here are some of the platforms where you can use Privy:

  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Ecwid
  • Wix
  • SITE123
  • Joomla
  • HubSpot

Price Setting

Privy comes in a number of packages. Free, Plus, Commerce, and Growth are these. Each package has a different set of features, which we’ll look at below.


Here, you can use the pop-up, the “spin to win” wheel, coupons, and sign up for email as many times as you want. This plan works best for people who just started trying to get more traffic.

The great thing about this plan is that you can sign up as many people as you want for your email list. You can build a massive email list to drive sales. There are also a lot of pop-ups.


You’ll have to pay $24 per month for this. Here, you’ll get all of the benefits of the FREE PLAN, and you’ll be able to choose how to drive your campaigns. You can choose to only show your pop-ups on mobile devices.

In this plan, you can get rid of the Privy logo from all of its parts. Your website will now look more like your brand instead of like it was paid for by someone else.

You can also set up your banners by URL with this plan. This means that you can choose to only show the discount when the visitor is on a certain collection page.

You can set up the app so that when a customer signs up for your email list, they go to a page you choose instead of the home page.

Use this plan if you want to reach your customers based on the device they use and the page they are on.


Here, you’ll pay $79 per month, but you’ll also get advanced targeting features in addition to the services from the other two plans.

Here’s what they are:

  • Cart Value: You can show ads or banners based on how much a customer has in their cart as a whole. For example, if a visitor has already spent $42, you can show him a banner that says he can save 20% if he spends $50.
  • Coupons: You can make coupons that can only be used by a certain group of customers.
  • Customization: If you know how to code, you can change the app’s HTML or computer code to make it work the way you want it to. You can make them float, move around, or do anything else you want.
  • Redemption Tracking: is a feature that lets you see which of your customers have already used the coupon you made for them. If they haven’t used it yet, you can use this information to remind them.


This is the most expensive plan, and it will cost you $299 per month.

With this plan, you can connect your Privy app to email service providers, run A/B tests to see which campaign works best, and now you can use pixels.

With this plan, you can also get one-on-one training from the app’s creator and high-priority customer service. If you are now in the advanced stages of marketing, get this plan.


Is it healthy for you?

Now, how do you decide whether or not you need Privy?

First, you should ask yourself if you are selling anything. If you are trying to market your business but not making any sales, you should think about using this app to make your marketing work better.

If you already have sales, are you happy with how things are going? If not, you should look at the different plans and figure out how each one can help your business.

You should at least get the free plan, which you can use for as long as you want. Try out the app once you’ve put it on your phone. Spend some time making a variety of pop-ups, banners, and spin wheels.

Once you know which one works and have proof that it drives sales, you can slowly upgrade each plan until you are ready to move up to the highest tier.

If you pay for a paid plan, you might need to raise the prices of your products to make up for the money you spent on the app.

Privy is a great all-in-one tool that will help you get more sales. It’s easy to use, and the developer of the app has given you hundreds of templates you can use if you don’t want to change the colors yourself.

And most importantly, it can work with many different platforms and email service providers.