It’s never easy to find a supplier you can trust for your fashion eCommerce store. So far, we’ve talked about the most important wholesale clothing suppliers in the U.S. In this article, we’ll talk about the most important wholesale clothing suppliers in Italy. All of the companies named are based in Italy or do business there. Their main goal is to sell clothes and accessories from the country that are trendy and made by designers.

Best Italian Clothing Wholesalers
Best Italian Clothing Wholesalers

Made in Italy is a brand that is known all over the world. People all over the world think of it when they think of quality, skill, elegant materials, and styles of all kinds. Since the late Middle Ages, people all over the world have thought that the Italian textile industry is the best. The fabrics made in Italy are luxurious and light, and they are often at the cutting edge of fashion trends or even set them. The best-known Italian textile mills and weavers had a great reputation because of how well they made their products and how well they were made. The world has been looking for 100% Made in Italy fabrics and clothing for hundreds of years. The main reason for this is that textile mills have very high standards for things like high-quality fabrics, unique designs, fashionability, look, feel, and also refined production methods.

What should you look for in a supplier?

If you run a business in Italy, you want to make sure that one of your suppliers is also in Italy or has a warehouse on the Italian Peninsula. It’s also important that they can give you good products and have the following qualities:

Have a large portfolio and a wide range of high-end brands from which you can pick and choose for your own brand. The better, the more brands you have to choose from and offer your customers;
Fast and safe shipping to your location; a wide range of wholesale clothing options, such as stocklots and pick-and-mix options. With stocklots, you can get a bulk of wholesale clothing that has already been picked out. Whereas with pick-and-mix, you can choose each item and make it fit the needs of your customers.

But first, let’s look at the numbers and see if it’s really worth it in these uncertain times to get into the fashion world. The ever-growing eCommerce market changed a lot in the past year. It is expected to reach US$54.95bn in Italy alone by 2022. Fashion is the biggest part of the market. It is expected to be worth US$19.43bn, and this growth is here to stay. It looks like fashion is still a big deal in the modern world. So, it’s just as important to always have the best quality and most stylish items for your customers.

What are the best places in Italy to buy clothes in bulk?

In light of this, this article will talk about the best places in Italy to buy clothes in bulk. You will find a list of the top ten suppliers who are known to sell high-quality clothes and accessories for men and women. Each supplier has its own special qualities and products to offer. So, in the end, it all depends on your needs. We’re just here to help you make a decision.



Another Italian wholesaler you might want to buy from is MYASTREET. They have been in the clothing business for more than twenty years and are proud of the fact that they pay close attention to details and use high-quality fabrics throughout production. The clothes are made by highly skilled Italian workers who bring the famous Italian elegance into the present and future. They make a chic and young-looking collection for your store or online store. MYASTREET has three places in the United States. The first one is in Brescia, which is in the region of Lombardy. This is where the company was started and where it has its roots. The second store opened in Milan, which is the fashion capital of Italy. The third store is in Bologna.

Made In Italy

Made in Italy is another company on the list of wholesale clothing suppliers in Italy. Made in Italy, as its name suggests, is a list of the best-known suppliers in Italy and how to get in touch with them.

made in italy
made in italy

It has a large number of brands and unique lines from which you can choose. This wholesaler page stands out because, in addition to clothing, it has suppliers for lingerie, food, and design, among other things. Each supplier is an expert in a different area, so you can pick and choose the ones whose products you think your customers will like best.



Paquito is a well-known fast fashion brand that is based in Bologna and sells wholesale clothing in Italy to both physical stores and online stores. Since the 1970s, the company has been offering wholesalers of women’s clothes in Italy styles that are hard to miss. The fashion world has taken notice of the brand, and fashion magazines like Grazia, Cosmopolitan, and F. This means that you can’t go wrong with Paquito’s styles, and your customers will definitely buy their products. You can go straight to their website to find the B2B platform and look at the newest items. Paquito’s website is worth keeping an eye on because they are always adding new items.


Another wholesaler on our list is OPYO, which works with both established retailers and new businesses. In Italy, you can choose from a wide range of wholesale clothing from well-known brands that has been proven to be real. You can choose to pick and mix your own styles. You can also buy batches that have already been made if you prefer. OPYO has a wide range of clothes and accessories, from coats to beachwear. If you go to their website, don’t forget to read their blog posts, which will help you and your business. You can find helpful tips on omnichannel marketing, advertising on social media, visual merchandising, and many other interesting and useful topics.

dropship corporation 10
dropship corporation


In conclusion, there are a lot of wholesale clothing stores in Italy or that ship to anywhere in Italy. Not all of them, though, would work well for your business. It depends a lot on the niche you want to go after and the services they can provide. Once you find an Italian clothing wholesaler who meets all of your needs and wants, it’s very important to build a good relationship with them. When you have a reliable Italian wholesaler on your side, you can sell the high-quality products you get from your wholesaler through your online store or boutique and make a lot of money.