Do you need to find trustworthy wholesalers who sell 99-cent and one-pound commodities in bulk? The sale of pound lines can be quite lucrative for store owners, whether they are brick-and-mortar or virtual.

In reality, some businesses in the United Kingdom have established themselves as household names thanks to the success of their pound line.

Here you’ll find 11+ of the UK’s top wholesalers of pound lines and 99p goods. The following businesses cater only to the needs of the UK’s pound stores and discount merchants.

Pound Wholesale

Pound Wholesale is a major wholesaler in the United Kingdom, supplying thousands of small shops, market vendors, internet merchants, and market stall holders with low-priced goods.

Pound Wholesale sells a wide variety of things, from pet supplies to DIY tools to homeware to kitchenware to stationery to cosmetic products to toys. All of the items may be bought in convenient single or two-unit bundles, and they can be shipped anywhere in the UK quickly and easily.

Best wholesaler of cheap pound lines in the UK
Hundreds of thousands of options across all product types.
Immediately delivered, no matter how little the order, in the UK
Significant retail industry expertise spanning over 25 years

Clearance King

Clearance King, with headquarters in Stockport, is a widely recognized and respected online wholesaler of pound lines and clearance merchandise. The company has been in business for over 60 years.

Electronics, home goods, pet supplies, toys, tools, clothing accessories, and cosmetics are just some of the categories well-represented at Clearance King’s humongous warehouse sale. The firm has no minimum order value and offers lightning-fast shipping throughout the UK.

A well-known internet distributor of premium pound lines
Established B2B firm serving thousands of clients across the United Kingdom for over 60 years
Merchandise and services supplied to stores, wholesalers, and online merchants


SaleHoo was founded in 2005 and has since become the most comprehensive online wholesale directory for locating reliable B2B suppliers and manufacturers.

In fact, SaleHoo is connected with hundreds of wholesalers who focus in pound lines and cheap wholesale goods. The best UK vendors can be found with a simple search for “pound lines” and a subsequent filtering by shipping location.

The Internet’s Largest and Most Reliable Wholesale Business Listings Service
There are literally hundreds of reliable wholesalers who specialize in pound line products.
With over 200k active users and 15 years of service, we have what it takes.
Publicized in such publications as Forbes and The Huffington Post

MX Wholesale

MX Wholesale, founded in 2001, is the go-to online wholesaler and pound shop supplier for thousands of enterprises and retailers across the United Kingdom.

Everything from furniture to games to office goods to pet supplies to grocery items to alcohol is available at deep discounts at MX Wholesale. Absolutely everything is available for purchase in small cartons at wholesale pricing, and there is no minimum order size.

Premier distributor of pound goods since 2001
In excess of 4,000 items at wholesale rates
Famous names like Colgate and Dove are included.
Membership is free, and shipping inside the UK is always free.

Cut Price Wholesaler

Cut Price Wholesaler is among the largest and longest-standing wholesalers in the UK, with more than 40,000 items.

Toys, pet supplies, home goods, garden items, electronics, party supplies, and stationery are just few of the many popular product categories represented in the store’s huge selection. There is no business too big or too small for Cut Price Wholesaler.

A reputable UK-based wholesaler and distributor
Thousands of pound lines are among the 40,000 items available.
Everything from computers to pet products, toys to home furnishings, all supplied to merchants of every stripe

Worldwide Brands

Another well-known and trustworthy online wholesale directory, Worldwide Brands puts you in touch with thousands of top wholesale vendors.

In reality, more than 16 million products in countless categories and tens of thousands of pound lines may be found in the Worldwide Brands directory. Easily locate UK-based distributors of pound lines by searching the directory and narrowing the results. You will have no trouble locating reliable vendors from which to begin obtaining supplies right away.

Find here the best list of verified distributors and producers.
Include hundreds of pound line wholesalers based in the UK
Find compatible businesses quickly and start doing business with them.
Scores of five-star ratings on consumer review platforms like TrustPilot.

GEM Imports

With a purpose-built store in South Yorkshire, GEM Imports is the best online importer and supplier of one-of-a-kind pound lines and discounted goods in the United Kingdom.

GEM Imports serves a diverse clientele ranging from large-scale chains to independent sellers on platforms like eBay and Amazon. There is a high demand for, and a high profit margin for, each of the products. Tools for home improvement projects, games for children, presents, paper goods, party favors, and appliances for the kitchen and home are all included.

The Best Online Pound Lines Importer and Wholesaler
Thousands of the most popular items from every market
South Yorkshire-based, 5,000-square-foot showroom
To prevent problems with stocking up too much, we only order in small carton amounts.

Rysons Wholesale

Rysons, a company that has been around for more than 40 years, is a major UK provider of pound lines and clearance products.

Rysons has more than 5,000 product lines and offers competitive wholesale pricing. Since we exclusively sell to other businesses, you know we’re reputable and have been in this industry for a long time.

Retailer and distributor of thousands of products by the pound online since 1976
5000 items at the guaranteed lowest price
We are a genuine B2B trading organization.
We are a Manchester-based company that offers nationwide delivery in the UK.

Manchester Wholesale

Manchester Wholesale could be your ideal wholesale partner in the UK, offering best-selling pound lines at unbeatable pricing and lightning-fast shipping.

Manchester Wholesale offers a massive selection of low-priced brands, including pet supplies, children’s toys, home goods, and beauty accessories, that are in high demand at pound shops and retail stores around the country.

We are the UK’s largest distributor of popular pound lines, and we’re number one.
We have over 7,000 goods in stock and can ship them out the very following day.
Includes things like household goods, pet supplies, toys, games, and more
Perfect for those who sell their wares on websites like eBay and Amazon

Astro Imports

As a division of Clearance Trade Centre LTD, Astro Imports is a leading UK importer and wholesaler of low-priced “pound lines” and other discount goods.

Astro Imports is rapidly expanding and has become a leading UK wholesaler of discount pound products. Astro Imports offers a wide variety of clients due to its good reputation as a bargain wholesaler, ranging from huge chain stores and high street merchants to internet sellers and small eBay merchants.

Wholesaler and importer of low-priced British goods
Registration is free, and there are special deals for commercial customers.
Manchester warehouse serves a wide range of clients, from major stores to eBay sellers, thanks to its convenient location and speedy shipment times.

CK Wholesale

CK Wholesale is a distributor that has been providing the retail and discount trade sector with quality clearance and own brand products for over 30 years.

CK Wholesale is a one-stop shop for whatever you might need, including furniture, appliances, electronics, pet supplies, and hardware. CK Wholesale will take care of everything when you place an order on their website. Shipping to any address in the United Kingdom is quick with our all-inclusive service.

Well-known distributor serving the wholesale and bargain sectors
Have worked as a wholesaler for almost 30 years
Online stores that are both simple and safe to use
Get exactly what you need for your shop’s inventory.

RCC Agencies

RCC Agencies is yet another trustworthy online distributor of discounted items in the UK, stocking thousands of products and boasting over two decades of industry experience.

RCC Agencies stocks over 6,000 different lines of merchandise every day. This includes anything from hardware and housewares to pet supplies, electronics, garden accessories, and stationery. RCC Agencies is one of the largest wholesalers in the south west of England thanks to the extensive inventory it carries.

A major distributor in the region of southwest England
Six thousand standard lines at true wholesale costs
It’s totally costless to make a new account, and placing an order is a breeze.
Having been in operation for nearly 20 years as of the year 2000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) might help clarify any issues you may have encountered while shopping for pound lines or 99p items. Moreover, you can read up on the greatest wholesaler suppliers in a number of articles we’ve posted on our site.

What are pound lines and 99p items?

Pound lines are low-cost items that are sold by retailers for £1 or less. Typically, retailers source pound lines in massive bulk quantities and resell them individually for profit. For example, a retailer may purchase 100 pencil cases for 50p each and resell them for £1 each.

In most cases, pound lines are sold in physical retail stores or online. The goal is to find hot-selling pound lines that will generate a lot of sales and overall profit. Pound lines are also sometimes sold as add-on items or products that complement a higher value item.

Why sell pound lines or 99p items?

Customers are usually seeking for ways to stretch their dollar or pound, therefore selling pound lines or 99 cent things may be highly lucrative. In reality, numerous retail giants have found success by adopting the pound line business model, including Poundland and Poundstretcher.

Selling items for a pound or less is a surefire strategy to generate more sales, whether your goal is to sell pound lines solely or to just provide your customers more choice. It’s a fantastic method of attracting new clients and building brand awareness.

Where can I sell pound lines or 99p items?

You might start small by selling pound lines on online markets like eBay or Amazon. Alternately, you can utilize a free or low-cost online store builder to get your e-commerce website up and running. Facebook and Instagram are also great places to market pound lines to the masses.

You may also start your own brick-and-mortar pound shop in your neighborhood. Although opening a brick-and-mortar store requires more work than starting an online business, it offers advantages that can’t be found anywhere else.

Which alternative is best is ultimately determined by the user’s individual priorities and financial constraints. With enough capital, you can build a brick-and-mortar shop and supplement your sales with online and social media marketing. You can sell on a third-party website like eBay or Amazon if you don’t have enough money to create your own store.

Can I sell pound lines online?

The answer is yes, whether you have your own e-commerce website or use a third-party marketplace like eBay or Amazon to sell your pound lines. If you’re selling 99-cent or 1-pound things online, shipping expenses should be factored in.

In this case, the goods was purchased for 50 pence and is being sold for one pound, however the shipping charges could be higher than one pound. Therefore, before buying any kind of pound line, you should figure out how much it will cost to ship. Be confident that you can sell the product with a minimal shipping cost and still make a profit.

If the goods is tiny enough to fit through a letterbox, you can sell it for £1 and charge a shipping price of $0.99 or less. There’s also the option of providing free shipping on orders over a particular threshold, like £10 or £20.

Where can I find more pound line wholesalers?

There are a number of quick and simple ways to locate pound lines wholesalers, like perusing a wholesale directory or conducting an Internet search. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our most-read pieces on the topic of locating wholesale suppliers to get you started:

Final Word

The time for this essay has come to a close. You’ve probably already found a reliable wholesale source of pound lines or 99p items for your business or store.

Be sure to come back frequently, as we will be updating this resource when more pound line wholesalers are located. Additionally, if you’re interested in hearing about when we add new articles and resources, sign up for our mailing list.

At this time, these wholesalers situated in the United Kingdom are the best bet for purchasing pound lines. The best products at the lowest possible prices may be found here, no matter what field or specialty you work in.