Since the pandemic has been going on since 2022, it’s clear that people’s interest in gardening has also gone through the roof. According to a survey by Axiom, about 86% of homeowners plan to keep gardening and grow their gardens in 2023.

Now that you know this, it’s clear that grow tents are one of the best things to sell in your store. A grow tent is useful when it’s too cold to go outside all the time.

Today, we’ll talk about 9 good wholesale grow tent supplier. By the end of this article, you should be able to choose a supplier who can help you grow your dropshipping business.

Top Wholesale Grow Tent Suppliers With High Quality USCanadaChina
Top Wholesale Grow Tent Suppliers With High Quality USCanadaChina

Gorilla Grow Tent

The Gorilla Grow Tent is the first company on our list. They have their headquarters in San Francisco, California, and have been selling supplies for indoor gardening since 2011. They focus mostly on grow tents, but they also sell add-ons and tent accessories so that they can be a one-stop shop.

Specifically, some of their other products are Lite Line, Shorty, and other tents like them. The people who work on the Gorilla Grow Tent are all from California. They are growers, designers, and engineers. They both want to make the best grow tents possible by giving them the thickness and durability that most people can only dream of.

One of their other goals is to be able to provide everything every grower needs, both for personal use and for e-commerce. The company has a website that you can use to contact them. You can also get their phone number and email address from there.


Hydrobuilder is the second company in the United States that sells grow tents. They have a gardening store in Chico, California, which they opened in 2011. This supplier has a good thing going for it: they sell more than just grow tents and their accessories.

You can buy the following things:

  • Lights Tents
  • Environmental control systems
  • Harvest supplies

They have everything you need for indoor and outdoor gardening in one place, and you can use their products to stock your Basic Shopify store. Their catalog has growing lights, hydroponic sets, plant nutrients, temperature controllers, propagation tools, protection accessories, soils and containers, and equipment for harvesting.

Even though they started out online, they built their store in Chico because they wanted to give back to their hometown. They were professional in the way they did their work every day. Since they are a team of horticulturists, you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

Hydrobuilder’s medium is an online website. This is where you can get in touch with them and see everything they have to offer.

Eddi’s Wholesale

The next company we will talk about is Eddi’s Wholesale. They have been in business since 1968, which is a long time in the business world. They started focusing on gardening, though, only in 2017.

Here are some of what they sell:

  • Lighting Fertilizers
  • Planters for birds and bees

Like the other two, this supplier is a one-stop shop for the niche in question. You can get things like fertilizers, lighting, hydroponic kits, grow types of equipment, garden decorations, plant aids, planting clothes, and more.

The company’s mission is all about going above and beyond what their customers expect. They are very sure that they can reach this goal if they use the standards and expectations of their own team as a guide.

On their website, you can find out about all of their products, how much they cost, and what kind of wholesale deals they offer. If you would rather, you can also go to their office. The site already has the address and the hours that they are open.


Now, let’s talk about who sells grow tents in Canada. LumaGro is a good place to start. LumaGro is a company in Burnaby, British Columbia, that sells gardening supplies in bulk.

They began in 2002, and everyone on their team has more than 15 years of gardening experience, knowledge, and skills. This means they know enough about the niche to run a one-stop shop for it.

Aside from grow tents, they sell other products for growing hemp, such as grow lights, trimmers, ventilation equipment, gardening tools, and grow tents, all of which come in different styles. They also have a variety of sizes and categories, which will help your store.

Their goal is to make sure that both their retailers and wholesalers can shop easily and quickly. When it comes to negotiating with the company, they also stress how important time is. LumaGro has a website where you can find out everything you need to know about their business.

Indoor Growing Canada

Indoor Growing Canada is the next company based in Canada. They are one of Canada’s best online sources for indoor gardening supplies and other business horticulture needs. In fact, the company owns the stocks of many large farms in the United States and Canada.

Here are the items:

  • Nutrient kits
  • Plant lights
  • Grow kits
  • Plant accessories
  • Climate control tools
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Tools for spreading
  • Types of tools for harvesting

Indoor Growing Canada has been in the business for over 20 years. The team’s passion adds to the quality of the products they sell, along with their high level of credibility.

The company wants to stand out from its competitors by coming up with new ways to help farmers. They also have a website where you can get in touch with them.

Green Planet

Green Planet, a Canadian company, is the last one on this list. They are also in British Columbia, and they have been in the business of hydroponics for more than 25 years. Most of the products they sell are for indoor gardening and the hobby greenhouse market.

Other than grow tents, Green Planet sells environmental controls, grow containers, grow systems, harvest tools, lighting, nutrients, plant fertilizers and accessories, and other tools for growing plants.

One of the main jobs of the company in question is to give the horticulture field all the new ideas that can help it grow. They also want to help both the wholesalers and retailers who sell their products.

Green Planet also keeps in touch with its customers through its website, just like the ones above. There is where you can find out everything about them.

Jiangshan Sunshine Tent

Starting with Jiangshan Sunshine Tent, we will talk about grow tent suppliers from China in this section.

In Jiangshan, China, there is a professional tent company called Jiangshan Sunshine Tent. They mostly sell different kinds of tents, like gazebos, push-up tents, dust covers, and grow tents.

One thing that sets them apart from their competitors is that they offer a wide range of grow tents. Some have straight doors, some have arched doors, some are made of fabric, and so on.

Prices start at $45 per set for their grow tents, but they can go up or down from there. On the other hand, 50 sets is the least you can order. On their Alibaba store, you can see a full list of everything they sell. There, you can also find their website and other useful information.

Shenzhen Glebe Lighting Limited

Shenzhen Glebe Lighting Limited is the next company on the list. They are in Guangdong, which is in China. Their main products are grow tents and the things that go with them.

Some examples:

  • LED light bulbs
  • Mini fans
  • Bulb lights
  • Lighting for factories and businesses
  • Tent changes

They are a great supplier if you want to grow tents and also sell other things in your store. With some marketing strategies, this can help you make more money in the long run.

They sell more than just growing tents, though. They also sell feeds and other medical products that you could add to your store’s inventory.

Depending on the type of tent, if you order 50 or more, you can expect to pay at least $19 each, even if the tents are different.

If you buy less than that amount, however, the price will go up to $20.
The store of Shenzhen Glebe Lighting Limited can be found on the Alibaba platform. There is also a list of all of their products and their website.

Shenzhen Mateji Technology

Shenzhen Mateji Technology is the last company on our list. Their grow tents, lighting kits, and solar power equipment are where they really shine. You can count on most of their products to be run by technology.

On their list of products, you can find charge controllers, LED bulbs, a light timer, grow lamps, and hydroponic tents, among other things. Even though their catalog seems to focus more on lighting, their buyers say that their grow tent kits are also of good quality.

Their grow tents start at $28.90 each, and you must order at least 10 of them. You can also get in touch with them through Alibaba.

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When choosing the right supplier, you should put their location at the top of your list, since it will affect shipping costs, prices, and the amount you need to order at once.

Some suppliers, especially those on Alibaba platforms, are open about this information, but others would rather talk to you first about wholesale orders. Still, this is good for you because if you can negotiate well, you can get deals that no one else has.