Drop servicing has reached a point where people know what it is. Many people have found that it’s easier to hire someone else to do their work than to do it themselves. Now, you need someone to build the website for drop servicing for you.

You would be better off paying a professional builder to do it for you. Find customers is what you need to do. Who will build your store, though?

Today, I’ll tell you about the top three drop services that your business suppliers do for you. These are people who know a lot about websites and will build you a drop-service website.

First of all, though, what is drop servicing?

Top Drop Servicing Websites Done For You
Top Drop Servicing Websites Done For You

How does drop servicing work?

With drop servicing, you offer services as a business model. But you give the job to a freelancer instead of doing it yourself. You decide if the freelancer should know this or not.

Here are some examples of things you could do:

  • Copywriting
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Setting up a dropshipping store on Shopify
  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • Making logos is a form of graphic arts.

So many different services are out there. You make money by charging more than what it would cost you to pay the freelancer. Take the case of a writer who charges $15 per article. What you can do is ask your customer for $30.

Now, your client will pay you $30, but you’ll only pay the freelancer $15. This gives you a $15 profit. This doesn’t mean you won’t work anymore. You still have to check the freelancer’s work to make sure it meets your client’s expectations.

We’ll talk more about how to make your drop-off business successful in the future. For now, let me tell you about the best people who offer services on Fiverr.


ZeemCorp is a web builder that specializes in turning your WordPress site into a store. The services here are very high-end, and the prices are also a bit high. The service you get from ZeemCorp is great, because he thinks that a store needs to look very professional before it can bring in customers.

Here are some of the things he can do:

  • Custom Designs: When he builds your WordPress drop service store, he doesn’t use templates; instead, he makes custom designs.
  • Expertise: He is an expert at building drop-shipping stores from scratch, and he will do the same for your store.
  • Support: He gives his clients support, especially those who are new to drop servicing. This support is free for one month after the gig is done. Changes to the website are part of this help.
  • Niche Choice: He can choose what kind of services you can offer on your website. He knows what kinds of services people want, so he can help you set up a drop servicing store that will make money.

ZeemCorp has three plans called Basic, Standard, and Premium.


Costs $195. With this service, you’ll get a fully functional drop-shipping store, which includes research for freelancers. The design of the website will be unique, and the service is already in the system. Only one service is included in this package.


This item costs $295. At this price, you’ll get a fully functional store, and he’ll also do some research on your niche. The website has systems for writing content and scheduling client calls and appointments. This package comes with two products and more ways to change the design.


The service that costs the most is $595. Like the Standard package, he will research your niche for you and find freelancers he thinks will do a good job. This package takes seven days to finish, and when it’s done, you’ll have four products or services you can sell in your online drop-shipping store.

Overall, you should hire this person if you want a good store and not one that was made by a beginner.


Yaas001 charges a high price for his service, just like the first one I gave you. This service, on the other hand, is well worth it. He only works with entrepreneurs who are serious about building their drop servicing business and are willing to put money into it to make it work. He doesn’t work with people who are just trying out the business to see if it will work.

He thinks you should start drop-off service right away instead of waiting. If you don’t start your business now, it will get as busy as dropshipping if you wait.

Let’s look at the three plans he gives to his customers.

  • Basic – costs $195. With this plan, you’ll get a website store that works perfectly. It only comes with one product, and he plans to use up to three plug-ins and extensions. With this service, you also get a website that works well on mobile devices. This is best, since many of your customers are likely to order from you on their phones.
  • Standard: This service will cost you $195 and give you one product and three plug-ins. The Standard package already has a domain, which is different from the first one. People think highly of this domain, and you will also have a privacy policy that lets you run ads.
  • Premium: is the most expensive option, costing $695. At this price, you’ll get the same services as before, and your website will be made as well as the provider can. Your online store is set up to make sales. He will also look into suppliers and add a way to schedule calls.

If we compare this seller to the last one, we’ll see that ZeemCorp has services where more than one product can be uploaded. But ZeemCorp doesn’t focus on making services where you can also get domain names and stores that are SEO-friendly.

As a client, it’s really up to you to decide what’s important. If you think it’s easy to look for a supplier, you might want to hire Yaas because he will work on your SEO.

Also, you have to get in touch with the seller before you buy. He needs to know what you want, and you need to talk with him back and forth to make sure you are both on the same page.


This is by far the most affordable done-for-you drop-service seller out of the three I recommend. What he sells is an online store that is built on WordPress and runs on WooCommerce.

You can expect the following from his service:

  • Pages That Work: you can expect to have a number of pages that work, such as checkout pages for your customers.
  • Elementor: is a website builder that can help you build and design a website the way you want.
  • Responsive Design: The theme he picks will work well on mobile devices.
  • Custom Quote And Thank You Pages: He will add some plug-ins that let you make thank you pages after a customer has ordered.
  • Payment Method: He will add PayPal and Stripe to your website so that you can charge money from your customers. If a customer doesn’t have a PayPal account, you can still charge them money through PayPal.
  • Upsell: The store will have a plug-in where you can offer an upsell. If a customer buys something, you can use this upsell feature to offer another product.
  • Live Chat: Your store will have a live chat feature that lets you talk to potential customers online if they have questions.

This seller only has one package, and it only costs $50. Here’s what you’ll get in it.

  • Delivery: Your store will arrive in as little as five days.
  • Customization: You can build your store however you want. You can show the seller some screenshots and then decide on the design.
  • Plug-Ins: You can ask the seller to build your store with up to ten different plug-ins.
  • Content Upload: If you already have content ready to go, you can send it to the seller and he will put it on the website.

When the seller gives you the website, it is already up and running. This means that you don’t have to do anything but find clients. The store can take money, and you’ll need to process the orders next.

This seller doesn’t do research on products or services. His service also doesn’t include uploading “products” or “services.” You will have to find your own service provider and then tell him to put that offer on your website.

How to Make Drop Servicing Work

Now that you have a website, what else can you do to make sure it does well? Check out these suggestions:

  • Knowledge: You can’t just start offering services because you found a supplier or freelancer. You should know at least the basics about what you are selling. Your job is to make sure that what the freelancer gave you is up to the standards of your customer.
  • Variety: You can’t just offer one service; you have to offer a number of related services. For example, you might offer SEO analysis, so you might as well also offer backlinking services. If you offer a wide range of services, you can put together packages that will save your customers money.
  • Quality: It’s hard to find a freelancer who does work of the highest quality. The problem with this kind of business is that some freelancers may not be able to do what they said they would.

You need to be in charge of this. Make sure you only work with freelancers who can do what you ask of them. You should also be flexible with your due dates, since you have to depend on your freelancers to get things done on time.5



A great alternative to dropshipping is drop servicing. The thing about drop-off service is that business owners will always need a service. Instead of looking for new and popular products, you keep a list of services that other business owners need.

To run a successful drop service business, you should only offer services that you know how to do. Also, you have to be the last person to let the product or output through. Before giving the work to a client, you should check it to make sure it meets the client’s needs.

If you’re sure that the drop-shipping business model is what you want, I suggest you check out the stores of these three service providers. Check out what they have to offer, and then get in touch. Make sure to ask them important questions so that nothing gets misunderstood later.