At Dropship Corporation Customer Support, we get a lot of questions about the following ideas, which are false beliefs about dropshipping.
Let’s see if I can bust some of the myths about dropshipping and help you decide if it’s right for you.

The Truth About Dropshipping Myths

Isn’t dropshipping a little sketchy and against the law? Dropshipping seems to be discouraged by a lot of sites.

First, Dropshipping is NOT against the law! It is a common way to do business that has been around as long as wholesalers have used middle men to sell their goods. The modern method can be traced back to the 1950s.

The term “drop shipping” is not very old. This has always been a simple idea. First, a warehouse distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer is willing to ship individual orders directly to the end user. Then, a person who is entrepreneurial (another new word) steps in and sells the product directly to the consumer.

Do you remember mail-order companies and door-to-door salesmen who would send your order right to you? Dropshippers, for sure.

Then the internet came along, and for some reason, people just assume that this is bad. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been shady people trying to dropship and get rich quickly. But that’s true in every type of music or business.

When a site says it doesn’t do dropshipping, they really don’t want you to do it because they want to do business with you directly. They want to be in charge of sales and customer information. That is clear, but once you buy something from a site like Amazon or eBay, the seller doesn’t really have the right to tell you what to do with it.

In reality, when you dropship their products, they make a sale, which most of the time makes them happy.

People will find the product and buy it directly from the site you are selling from, so dropshipping can’t work.

So, this could be true if the customer is as good at finding products as you are. But this almost never happens.

Basically, what we are doing is the same as when Walmart sells a product for less than Sears. The same thing is being sold in a different place.

If the customer takes the time to look for your product on other sites, they will probably find something cheaper. The truth is that most customers, if not most, don’t take the time to do that. They’re responding to your website or ads. This is why dropshipping works so well for so many people.

Think of your business as something you do for the customer. You are helping them find what they need by finding these products. You then sell them this product at a higher price to cover the cost of the service you’re giving them.

Your software seems to take care of everything, so dropshipping should be very easy. We should be able to make a lot of money very quickly.

More people do this than you think. Since a lot of the work can be done by computers, what do dropshippers do all day? I have potential users ask me things like “How can I get rich?” in our chat.

Or, more often, a current user will say, “I am not making money, I thought you guys would guarantee success.”

Even though Dropship Corporation automates a lot of the process for you, you will still have to be the salesman at the door. You will still have to find ways to spread the word about your products.

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You will have to pick the right products at the right prices. You will need to find ways to get people to your store and talk to your customers in a way that will help you close this deal. There is no app that can take the place of a good salesperson, and Dropship Corporation won’t do it either.

Dropshippers who do well go out and work hard to find buyers. When their business grows and gets bigger, they often have to manage teams of employees. Still, they have to deal with returns and making sure customers are happy. They need to have good websites and come up with creative ways to use social media.

You won’t be able to run a successful dropshipping business by just putting some items on a storefront. This will take some work, just like any worthwhile goal.