Hashtags are essentially as old as Instagram itself. Never doubt the power of hashtags, as they can boost a platform’s overall exposure. Now that we can also follow hashtags, many pages succeed simply by employing the most popular ones.

instagram hashtag
instagram hashtag

In this article, we will go over the top Instagram hashtags of 2023 that will help you gain more followers and likes. Take a look, study the #likes hashtag system, and start incorporating these into your posts.

Do People Still Use Hashtags to Get Likes?

Definitely! There’s no denying the continued usefulness of #likes hashtags on Instagram. In all of this platform’s history, the one constant has been the use of the hashtag. Posts are made, some for fun, some to raise awareness; all of them make use of appropriate hashtags.

You can get more #likes by using these hashtags. Did you know that even if you only use one hashtag, your engagement will increase dramatically?

Looking at how things work on Instagram can give you a sense of hashtags’ significance. Now is the time to open Instagram, type in one of the hashtags we’ve provided below, and start following the accounts you find there. Once you follow that hashtag, you will begin to receive content containing it. Check out the hashtag usage of popular Instagram users by opening any of the posts.

Here are some examples of what we found when we looked up “dropshipping” on Instagram.

Finding Instagram Dropshipping Results
Look into the hashtag that was used by one of the Instagram accounts.

popular hash-tag used by a single user

For What Reason Do Instagram Users Create Hashtags?

Where Can I Find Out How to Follow People on Instagram Without Paying Methodical Plan for the Year 2023 2
Where Can I Find Out How to Follow People on Instagram Without Paying Methodical Plan for the Year 2023

You might be wondering why on earth we have spent so much time discussing Instagram hashtags. Is there a purpose to the #likes hashtag?

Hashtags are a simple way to increase your exposure and reach. They were used to expand exposure before Instagram introduced hashtag searches and the option to follow hashtags.

For illustration, say you run a business selling scented soy candles and employ the use of hashtags. Your website may be displayed in response to a similar query.

However, now that users can track other hashtags, we also employ them to categorise our wares and updates.

It’s not clear why you’d want to promote your brand on Instagram by using a specific hashtag. Connecting your products this way makes it easier for customers to find you.

The purpose of using the most popular hashtags on Instagram is to increase your exposure and gain more fans.

There are actually two distinct ways to employ hashtags:

  1. A unified connected perspective is being built.
  2. As a result, you’re making it simpler for people to track you down.

Hashtags on Instagram and What They Mean

You can use different kinds of hashtags for #likes on Instagram. You should choose hashtags that make sense for your brand.

Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes and Followers in 2023
Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes and Followers in 2023


As the name suggests, hashtags made for an event are called “event hashtags.” When you host an event, start a webinar, or have a match or event in real life, you can make hashtags for it.

QueerEye or #MozCon are two examples. With these hashtags, your event will be easy to find, and if it’s popular, you’ll get more likes and followers in 2023.


Hashtags in a category have something to do with your product or business idea. These can cover a lot. A fitness dropshipping store, for instance, can use different kinds of hashtags. During a cricket match, you can use a hashtag that is popular at the time.

So, these hashtags for categories aren’t really about brands. These hashtags are more about the business you’re in, and they help you keep up with the latest trends and get more followers.


Most of the top brands like to have a hashtag that is just for them. One example is #ShareACoke. This hashtag for #likes gives the hashtag a brand identity. Most of the time, though, these hashtags are made by big companies. But that doesn’t give you permission to use it. If you use your brand’s hashtag often and promote it evenly from the start, your users may eventually start to recognise it.

This hashtag is about your brand, not the industry or anything else that’s popular at the moment. It’s all about what you do, how you do it, and so on.


Campaign hashtags are made for specific campaigns, while event hashtags are used for events or events that happen more than once. These are very short-term and help you get people interested in your new products or campaigns. All done!

You don’t have to use only popular hashtags to get more likes.
One thing you should remember is that you don’t always have to use the best Instagram hashtag. On Instagram, it is more important to use relevant hashtags than to use popular hashtags. So, you shouldn’t add a hashtag to your post if it doesn’t fit.

For instance, #sunset is a popular hashtag, but you can’t use it in a post that doesn’t have anything to do with a sunset.

Also, keep in mind the people who are following that hashtag. Your SEO will benefit from this.

When you make a post, you should look at the hashtags that are used around it. Take sunset as an example. Check out how many people are following it on Instagram. There are 295 million people on the same right now. Now, how will people find your post?

sunset hashtag

You can add a sunset, but you can also use some specific hashtags to get #likes from a smaller group of people. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, so use one or two popular ones and some others that are more specific. This is the best way to get what you want.

Also, you should know what your hashtags mean. You shouldn’t just put #TBT in your posts for no reason. Your posts should have some kind of meaning to them. Throwback Thursday is what TBT means. So, add hashtags to get more people to follow you.

What Else Should I Do in 2023 to Get More Likes and Followers?

You can improve your services in 2023 to get more followers and likes. A dropshipping tool is one of the best ways to do this.

As the owner of a dropshipping business, you can’t handle Instagram, answer questions, and handle orders all by yourself. Dropship Corporation is a dropshipping tool that helps you automate tasks. Let’s look at what Dropship Corporation have:

There is an AliExpress product list built into Dropship Corporation. You can easily look around, choose what you like, and add it to your Shopify store.
Use the tools’ AI engine to find the right seller. It analyses and helps you put in the right orders.
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Import your list of products to the tool to avoid manual data entry.
You don’t have to type in your list of products by hand if you import it into the tool.

Here Are the Top Hashtags That Get the Most Likes

Here is a list of #likes hashtags that we think can help you reach more people. But after you’ve read these hashtags, check out the sections below to learn how to use the best hashtags for Instagram the right way:

  1. Likesforlikes
  2. reelSteady
  3. Instagood
  4. Bestoftheday
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Instamood
  7. Followme
  8. Likesreturned
  9. Likesback
  10. reelsinstagram
  11. Giveaway
  12. ContestEntry
  13. PicOfTheDay
  14. FollowForFollow
  15. Handmade
  16. Blackandwhite
  17. I4I
  18. Nofilter
  19. Sunset
  20. Nightmood
  21. makeup
  22. Like4like
  23. PhotoOfTheDay
  24. Smile
  25. Tbt
  26. Instadaily
  27. Art
  28. Tagsforlikes
  29. Bossladylife
  30. Contentcreators


The best Instagram hashtags are the ones that are used in the right way. In this article, we talked about some of the most-used hashtags for #likes. But you should also remember a few other things that make your posts stand out. In 2023, you won’t get more followers and likes just by using all of these hashtags. Check out all of the tips above and use them in the new year to get more followers.