The eCommerce industry keeps growing at a very fast rate. Businesses and people are both trying to sell more online because they know how big the market could be. In the past year, the eCommerce industry has grown a lot, especially because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This led to a lot of eCommerce businesses doing well.

Success stories in eCommerce to give you ideas
Success stories in eCommerce to give you ideas

Dropshipping is now a big part of the eCommerce business. With this way of running a business, anyone can make a million dollars and be successful while working from home. We put together eCommerce success stories to give you ideas for 2023. These stories will help you understand the benefits of eCommerce and the dropshipping model as a whole, as well as keep you up to date on the latest dropshipping trends. Each eCommerce is unique because it talks about the different opportunities that the eCommerce industry offers, both for traditional business models and dropshipping.

Some of the companies mentioned use the dropshipping business model to do well, while others use the traditional eCommerce model to sell unique branded products through online stores. These eCommerce success stories are here to show that anyone can be successful in the eCommerce industry if they want to.

Oleg & Stacy

Let’s start by talking about how this Lithuanian couple first sold used clothes and then switched to dropshipping luxury products and clothing. Oleg and Stacy are one of Dropship Corporation’s many dropshipping success stories. They started by selling their old clothes to make a little extra money each month. Later, they found out that there were a lot of clothing suppliers who did dropshipping. So, it became clear that this business is doing well enough to grow.

This is how they found Dropship Corporation, and they were immediately drawn to its dropshipping service and the benefits it offers. Their specialty is selling on different marketplaces, which lets them show off thousands of brand-name clothes to all kinds of people. They use Shopify and a few of its helpful tools to get more people to see their products. They also use visual social media like Pinterest and Instagram as another way to get more customers.

Their best piece of advice for new dropshippers is to choose platforms that are easy to use. Oleg says that these are easy to use, that the monthly fees aren’t as high as on some marketplaces, and that users can start with a certain type of product. The answer to the question of how much you need to spend on your store is simple. Oleg says that if you want to be successful in the dropshipping business, time is the most important thing you need. The money part is important, of course. But the best way to be successful in this business is to do good research and look for a niche.

They said that the idea to sell more came from the fact that they were selling used luxury clothing and accessories online. Even though Oleg had done some eCommerce before, they learned as they went. The next step was dropshipping. They opened an online store and chose Dropship Corporation as a reliable supplier. After looking at all of the companies that dropship luxury clothes, they chose Dropship Corporation as the best. Today, they make more than $10,000 a month and are looking to grow internationally, since there is no limit to where you can ship the products you sell through Dropship Corporation.

Eric Bandholz

Beardbrand is another example of how people have done well in the eCommerce industry and how people can be inspired by their stories. They started with a YouTube channel and then decided to start a blog. Soon after Eric and his team started to focus on beard care products and content, they realised how much people actually need useful information about male grooming and beard care products. Even though they started selling their own products seven years ago, they had no idea that Beardbrand would soon bring in thousands of dollars every day. What happened between then and now? The New York Times, a well-known daily newspaper, wrote a story about Eric’s blog. Eric thought that this was a good chance to make money in the market.

He thought of making money when he thought about making a small community for beard care and having a loyal audience. Why not start selling these things if you already talk about them? Working quickly together, the team came up with new beard care products and put one on their blog just one day before the article came out. Even though it hasn’t helped them much, it was enough to start with. Beardbrand had a lot of success because of how honest they were. They write about grooming and care, travel, and lifestyle, which are some of the most interesting things to write about.

Their best piece of advice for people who want to get into eCommerce is to focus on the products’ main purpose and remember why you made them in the first place. Eric and his team now sell this rare niche merchandise like crazy, making more than $20,000 per day. They want to be known as the “kings of beard care products” by giving the male community honest information and advice. Sometimes, just believing in what you sell and telling your customers why you sell it is enough to make good money and become one of the most amazing eCommerce success stories.


Even if you can’t see it, sometimes the answer is right in front of you. MixedMade is a great example of how two people met and skipped the “sell unique products” part when they were coming up with ideas. No sane person would ever think to put chilli flakes and raw honey together. They already have and use spicy foods in the world of cooking. But Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman put everything on the line to make and sell this interesting food combination. Now, they are considered “successful entrepreneurs” in the world of “successful entrepreneurs.”

So many times, they tried the product until they got it right. Then, they put it in a modern, simple jar with chilli pepper in it. Customers were so interested in it that they almost feel bad that they opened it and tried this strange combination of foods. What’s the most interesting thing about this idea for a business? They made more than $165,000 in less than a year. Morgen and Casey thought about turning this idea into a real business when they saw how well the product sold.

So, to focus on the cooking/kitchen niche, these smart people changed their business into an online store called Bushwick Kitchen. What happened to make them keep selling more and more strange combinations of foods? The idea is simple, and you know you’re using two things that no one has ever tried before. You’d want to try it out and see how the audience reacts, of course. In this case, the numbers show that it has worked pretty well. Bushwick Kitchen is now a well-known brand with a successful story behind it. It sells other products that are similar to what it used to sell. This is a great example of how to combine different products and sell them as something completely new, making many potential customers curious.

Azura Runway

This is one of the examples of dropshipping that worked out well. Sam Wood is an Australian business owner who grew his line of products to sell on his successful dropshipping site, Azura Runway, by taking advantage of Dropship Corporation’s world of opportunities. He sells all of our products on different platforms and marketplaces in Australia. He focuses on this market because he knows it well. Since we are Sam’s first dropshipping supplier, he has been making over $44,000 per month since he started this business. Azura Runway often makes around $2400 from the sale of a single item of the more expensive clothing.

Sam figured out that the discounts we offer and the buying power of the people in Australia are the perfect formula for making a lot of money. That’s why he contacted us in the first place. His advice to new dropshippers is the easiest one we’ve seen so far. Sam said, “People will make a lot of money if they do it the right way and are at least 1% successful.” Even though the economy is getting worse, high-priced products will always sell because there is always a market for them. Even if there is a world war or a global pandemic going on, they still want to look good. Even Sam agrees that Shopify is easy to use, which makes it the best place to start selling high-end items.

He thinks it’s important to focus on the people you’re trying to reach and to figure out who buys luxury products. It’s much easier now than it was 50 years ago because living standards have gone up everywhere. Sam has another great piece of advice for new dropshippers that has to do with using the marketplaces. Most importantly, using Dropship Corporation’s profit margins and comparing your potential profits to those of your competitors will help you make more sales and test your prices on different marketplaces.

The Dollar Shave Club

Michael Dubin is a genius when it comes to running a business. By selling things for just $1, he was able to sell his company years later for a staggering $1 billion. If you read this story, you’ll see how something so simple became so popular and wonder why you didn’t think of it before. Still, it can get you thinking about the next best thing. Why did Michael do well and get to retire before the rest of us?

In 2011, Michael began Dollar Shave Club. It’s a subscription site where people sign up, pay $5 per month (it used to be $1), and get high-quality razors in the mail. At first, it doesn’t seem like a great idea. But sending out nice-smelling shaving foam or other accessories every now and then quickly got the word out about how great this subscription service was. Michael’s Dollar Shave Club didn’t have any competitors, which was another great thing. No other site had the same service, and even if they did, they wouldn’t have thought of the freebies. This made them stand out from the other groups.

The well-known company Unilever paid $1 billion to buy his company. The company did so well because it had these unique qualities. A few eCommerce entrepreneurs have seen that using people’s habits and taking care of them for a small fee is a brilliant way to market. Even now, the Dollar Shave Club is still very popular in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. They have more than 3 million members, and about 20% of them are women.

Diamond Candles

Selling unique candles is one of the coolest online businesses that has helped people become successful entrepreneurs. Diamond Candles was just starting out when co-founder Justin Winter decided to use social media to his company’s advantage. These candles are different because they hide different kinds of rings inside them. Winter made money because it made people surprised and interested.

At first, Diamond Candles didn’t have enough money for marketing to show that it was a serious business. After that, they decided to make it look better. The solution was to advertise what they sell on popular social media sites like Facebook. Today, the product is a very popular gift, so the business has almost a million fans.

When the company’s founders, Justin Winter and Brenda Cayton, used different marketing techniques, such as eye-catching pictures and the “surprise” factor, along with a truly unique product, they quickly gained a lot of attention and praise. These business owners say that so far, they haven’t spent a single dollar on advertising. This makes the story even more interesting to people who are just starting out in the eCommerce business.


The last of the success stories about eCommerce is about mattresses. It makes more than $1 million in sales every month and sold more than $30 million worth of goods in 2015. Again, what makes this product so unique?

David Wolfe is the reason why these mattresses are so popular and hard to find. David’s main reasons for success in eCommerce were that he redesigned the mattress and changed the way people sleep.

Customers will get a mattress with three layers and all foam. If you need to put it away, you can fold it up so that it fits in a large suitcase. Leesa has made a big difference for tens of thousands of people. Their customers say that their beds have helped them sleep better over time.

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If you’re still trying to make it big, it’s never a bad idea to learn from people who have already done well. At the end of the day, it can only give you more information or a place to start. But the main point of these eCommerce success stories is to show you that giving up is a bad idea. Millions of people who own eCommerce businesses deal with these problems every day until they make more money the next month. Remember to be consistent, do research as often as you think you should, and keep up with the latest dropshipping news.